1. [Request] BALDR BULLET REVELLION (Giga)


    Japanese Title: バルドバレット Title: BALDR BULLET REVELLION Release date: 2006-9-29 Brand: Giga Developer: Team Baldrhead VNDB link: DL version: Requesting reupload of this game please!
  2. [Request] Custom Reido F (Kiss)

    [Request] Custom Reido F (Kiss)

    Title:カスタム隷奴F Romaji: Custom Reido F Developer: Kiss Release date: 2006-09-29 DL VerLink: Requesting this game please!
  3. [Request] 戦国の妹 七人の妹

    [Request] 戦国の妹 七人の妹

    Title: 戦国の妹 七人の妹 Romaji: Sengoku no Imouto Shichinin no Imouto Company: 蛇ノ道ハ蛇ソフト Getchu: Release Date: 2005/03/25 Please reupload this eroge!
  4. [Request] HARUKO MANIAX (age)

    [Request] HARUKO MANIAX (age)

    Title:ハルコマニアックス Romaji: Haruko Maniax Developer: Age Release Date: 2010-09-28 VNDB: Official site: Requesting a reupload of this game please! The other links seem to be down.
  5. [Reupload Request]  学校のセイイキ (feng)

    [Reupload Request] 学校のセイイキ (feng)

    TItle: 学校のセイイキ Romaji: Gakkou no Seiiki Date: 2016/11/25 Brand: feng Official Website: Getchu: Reupload this game please, links & torrent are down
  6. [Request] あいびき (Atelier-G)

    [Request] あいびき (Atelier-G)

    Title: あいびき Romaji: Aibiki Date: 2006/12/31 Group: Atelier-G Requesting upload of this H game "Aibiki" by Atelier-G please!
  7. [REUPLOAD Request] 同人誌即売会をやろう!(Cyc)

    [REUPLOAD Request] 同人誌即売会をやろう!(Cyc)

    Title: [Cyc] 同人誌即売会をやろう! Romaji: Doujinshi Sokubaikai o Yarou! Release date: 2003/11/28 Getchu link: Please reupload this game!
  8. F

    Injoku Shinryou Club Guide?

    i'm trying to unlock all the CGs of this game (Just skipping) but I only get 2 identical choices that makes Mikuri wear glasses or not in certain scene , but no more story progress. I'm glad this happens to me before actually starting to play the game. The game continues...
  9. [Request] AneTra! ~Oneechan To H Na Training~ [Tyrell Piccolo]

    [Request] AneTra! ~Oneechan To H Na Training~ [Tyrell Piccolo]

    Title: あねトレっ!~お姉ちゃんとHなトレーニング~ Romaji: Anetore! ~Oneechan to H na Training~ Brand: Tyrell Piccolo Release Date: 2007/09/28
  10. [REQUEST] [Sweetpain] 屈折

    [REQUEST] [Sweetpain] 屈折

    Original Title: 屈折 Romaji: Kussetsu Company: Sweetpain Release Date: 2002/02/15 Vndb: getchu: Pls
  11. [Request][枕]H2O √ after and another Complete story Edition

    [Request][枕]H2O √ after and another Complete story Edition

    Title: H2O √ after and another Complete story Edition VNDB link: Official website: Getchu: I can't find functional download/torrent links for this edition of the VN anywhere. Any...
  12. [REQUEST Reupload] エロティ課 誘惑研修はじまるよ~ しごいちゃうから覚悟なさい!(AtelierKaguya HonkyTonk Pumpkin)

    [REQUEST Reupload] エロティ課 誘惑研修はじまるよ~ しごいちゃうから覚悟なさい!(AtelierKaguya HonkyTonk Pumpkin)

    Title: エロティ課 誘惑研修はじまるよ~ しごいちゃうから覚悟なさい! Romaji: Erotica Yuuwaku Kenshuu Hajimaruyo~ Shigoichau Kara Kakugonasai! Company: Atelier Kaguya HonkyTonk Pumpkin Release date: 2012-06-29 (package edition), 2017-03-03 (download version) requesting a reupload of this game please!
  13. Murakumo

    Need help identifying old eroge title

    I need help identifying an old eroge title, it had a short cut blue haired older woman as one of the heroines, who sleeps with a scientist lab coat guy on her route before she and the protagonist get together. I think the story has something to do with some ancient artifact or something. The...
  14. Murakumo

    Looking for name of recent time loop eroge

    The eroge I'm looking for has time loop plot, there is a tanned ponytail swimteam heroine, and also a black haired heroine, among others The plot involves the suicide of a girl student at school and seems to be a mystery element Anyone have any ideas?
  15. [Request] 俺の催眠ファンタジア (Ore no Saimin Fantasia) (Torrent or Zippyshare if possible)

    [Request] 俺の催眠ファンタジア (Ore no Saimin Fantasia) (Torrent or Zippyshare if possible)

    Game:俺の催眠ファンタジア ~エロ催眠で戦女神から魔王までハメ放題!!~ Romaji: Ore no Saimin Fantasia ~Ero Saimin de Ikusa Megami kara Maou made Hame Houdai!!~ Release Date: 2014-09-26 Description A man with many sexual delusions lived the usual boring life. Then, for no reason he could understand, a book whisked him away to...
  16. [Request] 電波の奴隷 (Denpa no Dorei) (Torrent if possible)

    [Request] 電波の奴隷 (Denpa no Dorei) (Torrent if possible)

    Game:電波の奴隷 Romaji:Denpa no Dorei Release Date:2008/01/25 Description Kazuma works at a tv company. One day, he gets a special power by chance. He can now emit radio waves and people who receive it follow his orders. He doesn't know why, but he enjoys a full of sex life using it. A while later...
  17. Murakumo

    Need Help identifying this eroge

    Someone please identify this eroge? It is a recent one 2019~2020, and is in rape genre. there is no male protagonist, and the POV is of several different female characters who all are unlucky and get raped by various people -first girl is a daughter who is incest-raped, she finds a mysterious...
  18. [120525] ハツユキサクラ CST - Hatsuyuki Sakura Complete Soundtrack (flac et MP3) + BK [1.47GB]

    [Album] [120525] ハツユキサクラ CST - Hatsuyuki Sakura Complete Soundtrack (flac et MP3) + BK [1.47GB]

    Title: ハツユキサクラ COMPLETE SOUNDTRACK Title: Hatsuyuki Sakura Complete Soundtrack Alias Title: White Graduation Complete ST vgmdb: Published by SAGA PLANETS Disc number: 2 (SPSLA-0009 et 0010) Release Date : May 25, 2012 (2012年5月25日) Genre: Original Soundtrack, Eroge...
  19. H

    Spindle eroge games not working on windows 10

    so i downloaded a spindle eroge called kinshin bokan and when i tried to run its set up exe i just get an error message. is there anyone who can help? please and thank yoi
  20. ElizaWhite

    where can i buy japanese otome games?

    hello everyone, i want to purchase the game "double reaction!" and the bl addition disc to post in the otome reupload community, but i don´t know where or how