1. [Request] ホシツグヨ / Hoshitsuguyo

    [Request] ホシツグヨ / Hoshitsuguyo

    Japanese Title: ホシツグヨ Romaji: Hoshitsuguyo Released Date: 2007-02-23 Company, Producer: Grooming/Actress Getchu link: VNDB link: I've been looking everywhere for this game, but all the torrents and download links are dead...
  2. R

    ShipWrecked with your Cutie Cousin!

    The game is short with only a handful of decisions, but has lots of cheats and endings. Half of the endings involve forcing yourself onto the girl, while in the other half nothing happens. There are also romantic endings available. There is no music, only atmospheric background tracks. The...
  3. A

    help for some translation

    well i gonna be brief the english no it's my mother language but i am translating a game in english for the use of public because what I receive I give and the comunity is generous. with the text don´t have problem, the problem it´s the fucking menu I just can't find it unpack the game with...
  4. S

    Eroge Rpg maker 2003 games

    Does anyone know any ergo/hentai games made in rpg maker 2003? please tell me ^^
  5. [Request]りばーしぶる ひみつ日記

    [Request]りばーしぶる ひみつ日記

    Looking for this game and i couldn't find it at all if anyone has it please share the links Title:りばーしぶる ひみつ日記 Thanks
  6. S

    Visual novels with anal sex?

    Hello, I am looking for Nukige visual novels, which contain good scenes with anal sex, can you recommend some?
  7. [雑誌]パソコンパラダイス総集編6 1999年 [PASOCOM PARADISE Soushuuhen6]

    [雑誌]パソコンパラダイス総集編6 1999年 [PASOCOM PARADISE Soushuuhen6]

    [雑誌]パソコンパラダイス総集編6 1995年 [PASOCOM PARADISE Soushuuhen6] Title : パソコンパラダイス総集編6 [PASCOM PARADISE Soushuuhen6] Type : Hentai Game Magazine Language : Japanese Release : 1995 Size : 18MB File Format : JPG Rapidgator MexaShare...
  8. R

    Vera's Region Tour Diary

    Vera’s Region Tour Diary has 42 sex scenes in total. Multiple scenes have variations for whether or not Vera is a virgin. There are 450 CGs in total, not counting pose art and character stills. This game places a heavy emphasis on Vera having sex with younger men. Like the Mayor’s son! Vera is...
  9. R

    Anime Harem of Romance! Hikari Love Potion!

    You are the average wanker. You spent your young adulthood reveling in your excesses, but it never made you happy. All of that is finally going to change when a cute elf princess named Sophia kidnaps you for a new adventure! The plot is to travel around the world and free sexy heroines from...
  10. [REQUEST] みこ☆かみ ~どっちにするの?~

    [REQUEST] みこ☆かみ ~どっちにするの?~

    Original Title: みこ☆かみ ~どっちにするの?~ Romanji: Miko☆Kami ~Docchi ni Suru no?~ Release Date: 12/31/2007 Company: Kidnap Company VNDB Link:
  11. 痴女の館痴的な女主人 (Chijo no Yakata ~Chiteki na Onna-shujin~)

    痴女の館痴的な女主人 (Chijo no Yakata ~Chiteki na Onna-shujin~)

    I tried searching for this game and found many links and I tried installing it, but it doesn't work and just give me an error message in Japanese. So Maybe the file is corrupted or something. This is the error message btw
  12. J

    Looking for eroge where the mc submits to the evil woman

    Looking for eroge where the mc submits to the evil woman ,Possibly English Translated I know this may sound weird but Looking for eroge where the is a route where mc actually submits to the evil woman or maybe become her slave. Like there should be the option where we choose to become her...
  13. R

    Taimanin Asagi 3 Save data

    So what I'm trying to do is replace the new game with the 100% savedata i got from sagao.z and put into the game. However it came up with a couple of errors (from my guess) saying that the save data was incompatible. I look up some forums and was basically told to trashbin the whole save folder...
  14. K

    Finally, EmpressGame and Sei Shoujo is back for something New.

    after the release of Closed Game in 2015, it seems that finally the Empress game is back, planning something that seems to be a new game, Empress has updated its website with a new page. whose name is "Deceiver and kisaku". on the site appears the queen of eroges, Marie Mamiya, next to 2...
  15. R

    Newbie-san needs a helping hand

    Hello, everyone ! I did it! Today I finally downloaded an eroge from here lol. Please note this is my first post here, I don't know if this is the right topic, or if I'm going to stick around here a little more after that. But it went all wrong. The game is composed of a .mds and a .mdf file...
  16. K

    Ane Ane Double Saimin 2 - REVIEW

    You are Shouhei, the protagonist who was expelled from a company accused of rape, after the accusation of rape, his life became a hell. because of this, everyone looks at you with contempt. His brother, Yuudai, a millionaire owner of a company called Aegis, decides to give a job to his brother...
  17. kaplim

    Amateur group's translation poll

    You can chose from 5 eroge here: The list: Mama no Oppai ~Ore no Doutei Milk ga Shiboritorareta Ken~ Maro no Kanja wa Gatenkei Onee-chan no Yuuwaku Otto no Inu Ma ni... ~Watashi...
  18. C

    Making a serious hentai game

    Hi everyone; As a degenerate who has been playing hundreds of games of this genre, we have a really great idea for a game, no recycled generic ideas that we see so much in these forums, we want to try something new. Let's say the game is divided into a series of worlds, each with its own...
  19. [Maihara Matsuge] Ane wa Eroge Seiyuu (Digital) / [舞原マツゲ] 姉はエロゲ声優 [DL版]

    [Japanese] [Maihara Matsuge] Ane wa Eroge Seiyuu (Digital) / [舞原マツゲ] 姉はエロゲ声優 [DL版]

    [Maihara Matsuge] Ane wa Eroge Seiyuu (Digital) [舞原マツゲ] 姉はエロゲ声優 [DL版] 2018-01-27, 198 Pages, 125MB, 839×1200 Type: Original manga Language: Japanese Categories: Big Breasts
  20. [Sumino Yuuji] VR Eroge ni Muchuu na JK ni Hamete mita (Digital) / [速野悠二] VRエロゲに夢中なJKにハメてみた [DL版]

    [Japanese] [Sumino Yuuji] VR Eroge ni Muchuu na JK ni Hamete mita (Digital) / [速野悠二] VRエロゲに夢中なJKにハメてみた [DL版]

    [Sumino Yuuji] VR Eroge ni Muchuu na JK ni Hamete mita (Digital) [速野悠二] VRエロゲに夢中なJKにハメてみた [DL版] 2018-03-02, 194 Pages, 141MB, 851×1200 Type: Original manga Language: Japanese Categories: Big Breasts