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  • Happy B'day Ritsuko!

    Have a lot fun in your special day today, enjoy with your beloved ones and with other stuff (cake, gifts, etc.)!!!

    Live long and healthy my friend^_^!
    Yea, I've waiting for it too :lovestruck:

    And the new couple seems really cute too <3
    Oh man, I can't wait to play them :runhappy:
    I know..I really want to play them.
    FUnny thing is, the game after the one that is translated is almost done (88%) too! So..I hope they release it soon =/
    Yes! Btw if you want to have general conversation you can drop by the LPW, it's kinda like the chatroom for ASF :)
    I wish I could play it but I can't download it. It's already fully translated and stuff but there's no actual download for it.
    And it has been this for months.. :deadsad:..

    Here's present :3

    Hope you like it ^^
    If there's something you want, different let me know! (Like the background, I used a different image this time. I've used the same sig too so other people might notice if I use the same background again :x)
    Ok then I'll make you one ^^

    I don't know when I'll be able to finish it due to work and such but I'll get it done as soon as possible ok?
    Need to gather images and render them first before I can even start ^^
    Haha sure, I can make you a similar one, but with your name instead of mine if that's ok with you? ^^

    I made it with Photoshop :3
    I love those as well.
    Can't wait for the new one to come out. The problem is that it's already fully translated/edited but the translators don't put up a download/torrent of it. And it's been like that for a while now :deadsad:

    yay! my favorite couple is ErisXShizuku as well <3 But I like ReoXMai too.
    Screw it! I love them all XD

    I made a signature of ErisXShizuku a while ago :3
    As much as I like Yuri, I just can't get into Manga's =/

    There are a couple of Yuri Visual Novels though. I probably won't have to tell you about the SonoHanabira series :3
    You're awesome too :3 4 years huh, quite a lot too!
    OMG, I was squealing like a little girl :lovestruck: Everything is so cute :3

    Nah, I'm not a Manga reader... I prefer moving images. Only read like..2 or 3 Manga's in my 6 year anime career :x
    Thanks for friend request.

    BTW, you wrote on your on page, you have to either click "view conversation" or to my page to write on there
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