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  • Ohayo, please can you reupoad this OST? Please! Since 2 days ago, i search for this ones in the Internet but can't find it. You makes me really happy if you can reupload this Ost!
    Thank you very much

    Here are the Links:
    [ASL] Hosoya Yoshimasa - Kimi no Iru Machi ED - Kimi no Iru Machi [FLAC] [w Scans]
    [ASL] mimimemeMIMI - Kimi no Iru Machi OP - Sentimental Love [FLAC] [w Scans]
    I'm a very big Fan of Kimi no iru machi! When you have more albums, CDs, Artbooks or other thinks, please can you upload this, please, please?
    I really hope so^^ I want everything from this Anime!
    Happy new year, kureko!!!
    And a healthy and peaceful year for you and your family!!!
    (late reply) If it stays true to the requirements presented, then my PC (2.7GHz i5; 8GB DDR3; mid-end GT500 series) should be able to play it . However, we all know that official system requirements as told by the producers are often much lower than what it would require to play the game well at an acceptable FPS rate. I still remember how Witcher 2 was much heavier than the requirements suggested. We will see, however.
    oi~ oi~ I'm not hentai :X at least keep it ecchi ^.^ it sounds softer and better when ur using it to stalk bishoujo XD anyway thanks~
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