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  • 守護者ジーニアス <- what is this?


    haha take your time with it, it's not like this stuff is really urgent is it?  ドンマイ~ ドンマイ~
    shaddap! D:::::::

    Between Brunei and Singapore? Well, it's around 1hr 45 mins but that's not the point >w< I'm saying our vacation period lol o.o And you know KK? A place in Malaysia, also a famous place to go for a vacation here in Brunei. By airplane, going there takes only 30mins xD But oh well, at least I got something from the trip ;D I got ma smexy Black Rock Shooter and Dead Master nendroid figure ;D Probably going to collect Black Gold Saw and Strength as well.. maybe @.@ I never met any o.o Maybe I should if I'm going to Singapore again next time lol~ Yea.. let's see if I'm going to Singapore by then >_>

    sry for the late reply btw ;D
    I'll do it ignis, since it isn't that rush and you have some other things to do. xD Since we have a track# for each round, i'm planning just to number the trophy. Like now, it's SOTM#4, the trophy could just have "#4" for on it, instead of having months & year like we have now since some of our rounds takes two months.
    Ignis. :S Still haven't changed teh awards. :\ can't chat @mirc too atm. but before the end of this month's sotm, i should've had uploaded it. I'll just update you w/ it. ^^
    No, we don't always find something lol. If we do find something, we have to tell higher authorities, because they can't build anything there, if they want to preserve it, then we get paid. If we don't find anything we get paid lol. We sometimes get bonuses for finishing everything early. I'm actually really good at the whole surveying thing lol.

    Well, I'm going to try my luck on Artificial Academy. I'm going to see if I can at least understand SOME of it.
    Oh my you're in such a position of power that I must call you Ignis-samaaaaaa~


    Ahem, yes I'll take the TL test, gotta make sure my japanese is up to scratch and all, I was also thinking of volunteering at ASL but do you still need people there?
    Ahhahaha >.> stupid me, not interwebz savvy enough or something D:

    Great place you have here :3 I've been dling ASL releases since I first saw them, only found out about the forum recently though as you can see xD I might actually try to be active here haha. I can/might help out with ASS if you want me, though I make no guarantees about my diligence.
    Lol no problem, I enjoy long messages. Thanks for the advice, I'll try them out sometime. I already try out some Japanese VNs, as well as other things.

    Lol, I like eroge and games better than anime as well. I just wanted to post something else, other then the same thing twice.

    Oh yeah, the job I'm going to do is being a surveyor. I have to look for artifacts, fossils, etc.
    I do like Rain, but not to the point of squealing like a fangirl ;D And there's not enough time for sightseeing too bad lol. We already used up all of our time shopping since our trip is barely one week even >_< Naaaah, it's too short for me ;D Too many places to go >_< I meet a lot of Singaporeans online but never meet them ;D Well I never did tell any of them I'm going to Singapore so yeeaa ;D
    Sorry, accidentally double posted, so I shall put something meaningful here.

    Anime is awesome. o.o
    Nice. Pretty much the same here. I'm going to start work next month.

    If someone wanted to learn about japanese, and modding, do you know where someone can learn them?
    Hello Ignis~ Remember me? I've been stalking you... mwahahahahahhhahahahahahahahahaha~!
    No actually I found this place from the ASL division. Imagine my surprise to see that you're an admin here x3 Anyhow just dropping by to say hi~
    beats me o.o i will tell u if i ever figured it out lols
    anyways i updated it with the links and all now
    Thanks for accepting my friend request ^_^

    Lol, I'm too lazy and poor to get premium. I'll just take the cheap free way and wait lol.

    Well, I HAVE the patience, but I lack the motivation lol. Its like all those people with the epic armor and weapons are mocking my noobliness x.x
    The thing I don't like about Hotfile is the time between downloads x.x I'm a patient guy and everything, but I shall still complain about it!

    -Whistles- The highest level I got on an MMO is probably 30 lol. I mostly just go online to check how ppl are doing and such, while just sitting around admiring the scenery.
    Well, its a free game, so I say, "Why not try it?" Then again, thats just my opinion lol. Don't worry, MMORPGs might not be my thing either, I tend to quit them after a couple or so days. Never played one I wanted to stay with yet.

    Well, considering none of my friends are up, time to download some of your downloads~
    No no, its actually quite fast. Its just that I share internet with people who won't hesitate to unplug me if I slow it down with downloads.

    I've been playing Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE lately.
    Its nice to meet you as well!

    Lol, I hope I can download them soon as well. I plan to download a lot of them tonight, after I'm done playing some MMORPG's.
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