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  • :D The girl in the signature is, not me. well~ maybe this signature was too terrified. hahahah
    Yep! I totally agree. Some things just aren't fun without friends. I'd probably do the same thing in your shoes lol. You seem to be quite busy :0
    Lol same here. I have to actually LIKE what I'm doing in order for me to be motivated. Though, my motivation still goes down as I go along with it lol.
    yeah i started and got until page 26.. its pretty hard and takes a lot of time.. maybe another project would fit better
    The tag revamps are nice. :33 and yeeey, they got fixed. Yep, I saw check's post, will re-arranging their position really be that troublesome? codes stuff perhaps?

    I see... Moderation queue... I think that is workable, maybe I can approve the "entry" and store them in a staff thread.. then I will re-copy everything when voting starts. xD that doesn't seem to be hard since atm we have not that much entries. but when the number gets big... oh my. :]]]]

    a proposal for the sotm to finally have rl prizes for it... i tried some suggestions to check/zero/coro but in the end it's back to the drafting board for me. xD so now im trying to find out possible "post options" in the forum. :]
    Lol. You seem to work very hard! What motivates you? I'm curious, because I hardly have any motivation to be honest.
    thanks again.~ :] so far the upgrade isn't so bad though the avatar stuff/rank badges/etc format does really look odd... >.< btw, is there a possible way for the users to sort of "hide" their entry submission? Im doing some research stuff for teh proposal stuff.. :D
    Iggy... SOTM #4 results are up @ the hall of fame. ^^ award could now be given. :] and also a reminder for the description of the awards. ;] Thankyous. :>
    yea i know, but totally not free till next week, all assignments due this week and the next
    Lol, thats great! I'm a person who doesn't like to rush as well, though I tend to not finish things in time.

    I already like the new background image for AS! It looks pretty good :0
    Foreign language in animu is the in thing now. And durians in Idolmaster anime, nasi lemak in negima manga :(
    sorry the memoserv is borked atm can you tell me what did you send. . . send it via pm if you would :3
    Yep. Though, if things DID take care of themselves, a lot of people would be either out of work, or obese. No offense to obese people and such.

    Nice nice. Well, you have a fan right here! I hope the releases come fast! Though, I prefer quality over quantity, so take as much time as you need to make it awesome!
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