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  • Does this page need update?
    Well somehow I don't know how to use this feature anymore. Visitor messages were broken.
    Current avatar, changed few weeks ago is from 忘却執事と恋するお嬢様の回想録 visual novel, drinks cool aid.
    I see thread, where I answered, never mind me. What does other people usually write on visitor messages?
    Previous: Silver Blanchette and First: Snow hatsune miku. Not going to pick up this chat log open in future probably.
    This is my avatar editor lol. Okay, not finding over-line pen, letting it be like this.
    If you see me here, you know, that I've taken care.... I don't wish anything, because saying things, will not make things to work.
    Visibility settings, are throwing a mule's cart. I guess it's the new normal state here, gosh.
    Oh symphonic is great. I listen to a few bands in that field.
    I am more black metal these days though.

    Ah I see.

    I think my music taste pushes people away, but oh well lol
    I am just taking a stab in the dark here, but do you like or listen to heavy metal?
    Particularly, viking or death/black metal?

    I've seen you around, so thought I would say hi.
    Well it worked so congrats on creating the first one....and btw : yoroshiku onegaishimasu ! :nyanmusu_bow:
    Btw do you know any macro-key for making pictures smaller? (I don't find one, the only I know is the border line cutting, but that never tells what size the picture is, so checking that out after each cut, probably takes more than a week.
    I saw that now too, but no adimins has yet said anything (but Arylin might said something though), I will re-edit and do the signature writing in it or on the next signature if possible, currently not in mood of playing around with bad paint and powerpoint skills though. Rules are stright. Why don't they show a proper warning in the sig area, when you're about to add too big one? Maybe there's logic which I don't know about.
    Well, hello Ice Bird!

    I've you just inform: That your siggy (signature) too big is, it's a violation to the siggy-rule here - It says: That the siggy maximal 300×500p be can.

    Edit: Not I make the rule, but the Admins.

    With friendly greeting: N1
    Amazing can't see my activity wall at all. Should there be enable or disable option for some comments?
    Was late one, not sure if you can see that msg though I put it in the right folder hehe. :rolleyes:
    I will tell when I remember, not sure about title, but I will tell how you found it, will it be enough?
    Well you can find it just typing in google image search, this: hatsune miku snow, or snow shakugan no shana, both will work eventually, sorry didn't figure out that there can be post placed here. I think you got what I said, hmm maybe, Gl. ;P
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