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  • Hello, I was just reading the eroge cafe thread and you had a link there to your list on vndb.
    I am only looking for games with really good stories. Are ALL the games on your list have good stories? I am not interested in nukige or only romance/slice of life stories.

    Your list looks interesting but I just want to know if everything in there is really good.
    Um...To tell the truth, I only posting games and collect them, not play even single one, you can try to ask for help in that thread, maybe there are someone who also facing same your problems ^^

    Anyway, I also asked few friends who were playing and no problem so far :)

    7 days registered and 30 posts are now required due to spammer and thread bummer and etc...
    Friends in my group finish NW. Just a lighthearted, sugary game. If you want lighthearted, comedy and rabu rabu game, NW shall satisfy you xD.

    Just a few more weeks till January batch~
    Well yea. Winter anime looks to be weak so we got plenty of time to finish the December releases. I am watching 14 series this season >.<.

    I completed four games this one and a half month starting from November.
    i see. Feel like replaying some epic VNs while waiting for HGB to arrive xD.
    O_O the same list as mine rofl.

    List order : HGB >> Axanael/Tiny Dungeon >> Comiket Doujins/ Noble works

    Axanael or Tiny dungeon depends on whether HGB story is deep enough. If not deep enough, i will just go for the mindfucks XD.

    Gotta agree with NW, looks kinda boring with a few laughs after playing the trial. You finish Tiny Dungeon Black and White?
    Moekihara Fumitake art is always god tier xD. Music is solid for all LoS games. i am just hoping the story will be better than prism rhtyhm which is kinda lacking.

    So what are you playing right now?
    DOWNLOAD IT !! 1 and a half days left before my limited edition of Hello Good Bye arrives~

    How is Hello Good Bye?
    Enjoy the Holidays~
    May Santa sent you a trap~
    I see... I also want to fill my room with figures and such :P I have to wait a bit though as I can't work yet.

    I used either Luca or Jacquil , it really didn't matter to me... as long is cloche was in the party. Replakia after all. Though, I believe Jacquil was the strongest reyvatail in Ar tonelico 2. She did have the strongest spells anyway...

    My main fighters were Croix and Cocona (Obviously). How about you?
    Ack, that sounds bad... Your job must not pay well :(

    Err... anything you want to ask me? I shouldn't be the only one asking questions, otherwise it'll look like an interrogation =_=
    lol, say, which Ar tonelico do you like so far? I or II? I use to like Misha a lot before I met Cocona. Did you still like Mir in Ar tonelico I?
    I see... hmm.. never though like that before... do you believe your living the life of a main character in the world?
    will try it some days, I'm currently busy.

    Btw, your English is very decent ^^ been hard to find one here. Sadly I will leave Vietnam soon.
    I see... don't worry about that stuff when talking to me, I'm quite fond of stuff like Ryona ;D So, your a trap huh? But, it's not like you'll be able to trap somebody now that you already gave it out eh? xD What else may I know? o.o
    lol hi~
    Same *bows*

    Eeto... so, those things you said in your intro about being a trap and loving guro, is it true? o.o Gomen if this isn't the best way to start a conversation xD
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