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  • My father got his cancer removed now its recovery time and lot of watching here and there but were doing fine so far
    i have to cook clean and garden and work here and there to help the family while hes recovering but no issues of late
    I have also done a alot of different types of Detoxing and such and cooking non GMO non soy based foods and home cooking ^^ from garden based foods its fun trying out new types of foods and combos

    Glad to here your safe and all with all the stuff going on over there been watching the news time to time all stuff going on over there so sad
    but i am glad your able to move forward still with the stuff that happened in you know were
    make sure keep your family close to you and keep them safe

    and thanks my father is a ox of a man he wont ever give up ofcorse he got me kicking his butt if he ever thinks twice ^^ but still thanks
    hi man, how is your father doing, i am very busy my self with real life my child and wife are doing fine. I hope and pray for you!
    Wishing you a happy new year!
    明けましておめでとうございます!(Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu!)

    Yea, I read in your LPW post. I understand you're busy and I'm happy to see you here again ^^
    Thank you for wanting to invite me Lotus. I must unfortunately say I'm not around here any more. Just wanting to let you know why you didn't get a response from me earlier, just like LioNeeZ there, I just logged in today. Take care, if I had more time I'd satisfy my curiosity more by asking you how you came across me that lead you to want me around. :}

    But instead, I must go sry.
    Ah hello, DesertLotus.
    sorry for being rude and not adding you, I kind of didnt log in for a long time xD.
    Anyway it is nice to meet you ^^
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