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  • I could do it but you'll have to wait for saturday since im really busy with some preparation over here.
    Hope you can wait until then. If not... D: *dies*
    eh!? hmm might take some time since my upload speed sucks these days but i will get it up
    Free users can only download 400MB/1GB files (depends on the settings of the account owner).
    That's why I don't upload the 2GB split archives to it (usually, unless I forget and do transfer them :P).
    gg-THORA > Kira > Coalgirls > Touhouian, from my point of view.
    Then again, I watched the TV series with German subs, so it's just generalisms. ;)
    Also note that THORA is in hiatus, so it's unknown when they'll complete HSOTD.
    Um, I already knew - saw other Malaysians raging about it. :P
    But hey, I do have multiple mirrors that are not banned, so it's all good. ^^
    You can use it in single thread mode on every site as free user. Most also let you resume files, with a few exceptions - but that is something one has to find out by trial and error.
    Not that I know of.
    If there is a site offering FTP access, you can be sure it's a paid service.

    Then again, if it's about resuming files - Internet Download Manager works for that in most cases, you might want to give it a try. ^^
    They seem to be down. They're frontpage is white and I can't upload to them either.
    Their FTP is still alive though, so I'm guessing that, while serious, the problem will be only temporary.
    Well, we mostly pay attention to editing and translation - and Hatsuyuki had some awkward phrases in their scripts. That's why, in the end, we put both of them on joint first place. ^^
    Problem is that the TL friends I force nicely ask to check the subs have all been incredibly busy. I can give some general recommendations based on group reputation and editing, but I'd rather not make those official.
    In short: Ask here and I'll answer as best as I can. ;)
    Hey alexsdu, you up for typesetting? Currently the script is being edited, and when it's done you can start typesetting it directly. Please reply asap. If you're busy or something it's okay, I'll have someone else do it.
    not for me really :3
    i gave my boyfriend some chocolates this past valentine's day
    so i'm expecting some exchange this upcoming white day X3
    but i have to agree about it being lonely if you're not close to anyone in particular~
    i suggest that you give some to your friends :3
    thanks :3

    Happy Chap Goh Meh also~

    *sorry for double posting, i got an error because of net connection >_>
    happy valentine's day~ :3
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