Which do you prefer? Coffee or Tea ?


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Feb 24, 2012
Which do you prefer? Coffee or Tea? Benefits vs disadvantages of Coffee. Benefits vs disadvantages of Tea? Let's discussion begin!

I like to drink more tea, it brings sanity , faster and more economical.........
does not mean I hate coffee
My preferred choice... is tea.

Tea has that calming effect that works wonders when you work for long hours. It's aroma and how the warmth spreads throughout your hands feels much different from coffee.

I like hot tea more than iced tea, but both are good in their own way. Iced tea... with the classic lemon flavor is certainly best for warm/hot days or just when you feel like it. It gives me a sense of nostalgia from childhood. Hot tea is best boiled with the tea leaves.

Some people use tea bags... it is understandable, but if you can, tea leaves are best. Those leaves in that boiling water with the right temperature can make all the difference.

However... when the tea becomes cold... it's pretty bleh~

That doesn't mean coffee isn't good or anything. I like coffee as well. It's just that if I want something that's for almost everyday... and I like those fruity tastes... tea would be my choice.

Coffee also comes in a variety flavors and should be careful when brewing in which it has become an art in a sense.

I like that slightly strong, bitter taste. Sometimes it's an acquired taste. Cream, sugar, milk... those are great and all, but I drink it black. They say black means you're mature... I just like that strong taste.

Some people don't like the caffeine, yellow teeth, strong aroma... as long as you don't drink it 60 times a day or something... it can taste just as pleasing as tea when you accompany it with sweets.

Green tea does contain little caffeine, and people order things like decaf, mochas, cappuccinos in replace of coffee. In the end, coffee or tea, whatever I'm in the mood for and what's available... that will probably be my choice.
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Hmm i would prefer not to drink coffee too much... also depends what time it is :/ I like tea more usually~
I do like coffee milk... coffee ice-cream... coffee flavored candy... Do those count?

Green tea pocky... green tea ice-cream... bubble tea... are also good~
Hmm yes coffee flavored stuff is usually quite good~ so is green tea flavors...
I like both. Been drinking coffee longer than tea for the most part. Been doing coffee since age 3 when I first took my first sip of it from a bank followed by Tea from the eating places.
I always need my morning cup of coffee to start off the day. After that for the remaining of the day, there is nothing better but a nice cup of tea anytime of the day.
Coffee on the morning, canned coffee while doing my work, more coffee during break times and well, I guess I'm a coffee guy. XD
I love both, can't get enough. Although, because of the amount that i drink, caffeine no longer has an effect on me. I can drink a dark chocolate mocha with a double shot of espresso and fall asleep right afterwords.
I love both, can't get enough. Although, because of the amount that i drink, caffeine no longer has an effect on me. I can drink a dark chocolate mocha with a double shot of espresso and fall asleep right afterwords.
I can not drink chocolate, it very difficult to to drink. I really hate it
no chocolate then? hm... how about a chai tea latte? Kinda like the best of both worlds.
Coffee in the mornings, and tea in the evenings. It's suitable that way and I will have to stick to it.

But if you were to ask me which one I like the most, I would have to say tea because it has a more variety of flavors.
ice tea all day O.O

coffee for emergency situation :whistle:
like mountain of homework for example -__-
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I like both, and I've been drinking tea and coffee since before Kindergarten. This is because my grandma(mom's side) always make them in the morning, in large jugs (I think it's 3 or 5 litres)! And when the jugs empty, she will make them again.

If I was given only one choice, I'll choose tea.
It's more lighter than coffee, if y'all know what I mean.
Tea is like drinking water with flavour, while coffee tend to be thicker.
Personally I prefer tea at a room temperature or lower, but not the hot boiling steaming tea. People said I got a cat tongue or something - cannot stand hot drinks and foods.
I like tea that are not from the teabag more, because somehow the taste is much more stronger. But then again, I got no problem drinking tea from the bag(OK, now my English started to sound awkward).

Another thing, I drink tea in a large glass, the 1 pint beer glass-type, or the tall 1 litre Tupperware plastic glass. Those typical tea cup is too small, IMO, and I don't like to make a frequent trip from my room to the kitchen just to get my drink.
i prefer tea, especially in evening time..
because i ever tried to drink coffee and after that I could not sleep all night :(
Either one goes like water, though i like Espresso more. Tea is good only and i mean only, if there is no coffee beans left or i want something with sugar (coffee is NOT ment to drink with sugar, milk/cream u can use if necessary :D).

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