Whats Your Worst Fear ??? :(

My latest fear - buried alive.

That's why I'm planning to be an organs donor when I'm dead.... just to make sure.
im afraid losing my dearest,bestfriends, all al the things that i love...
For me, people hands down the winner. Very few things in life can truly be called intentionally evil, that is to say they actually want to cause harm something or someone without reason. For that level of twisted behavior, you pretty much need people. BTW, you don't need to worry about the LHC, at the kind of energy levels it can produce, even if it did create a black hole, it would "evaporate" almost instantly. If you need proof, consider the fact that literally thousand of collisions at even higher energy levels occur every day due to cosmic rays passing through the earth. The only real advantage that the LHC has is that it gets to pick where they happen, otherwise, it is still pretty much a wimp
Fear... hmm... I guess... the fear of getting a permanent disease/illness that could have been prevented...?~
Hmm fear... lots of things xD Like ojou sama whipping me and taking my blood and random people trying to turn me into a fish and eating me and whatever other stuff~


can't stand it :scared:

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Fear from too much stuff =_=

dk even from where to start with...

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