What's the last thing you do before bed?

watch an episode of Picking Daisies. I'm almost finished with season 1.
Say goodnight to my best friend who I talk to pretty much every night Turn off the computer Shower brush my teeth put on my music and fall asleep
close my curtains so that the sun doesn't prematurely wake me up with its vile light.
debate if I should just stay up and finish some homework so that I don't have to deal with so much later, or if I should sleep now to get the extra rest.
Lets see where should I start??.....

OK, First, I drink some water then brush my teeth (word of advice never do it the other way around the water tastes horrible if you do). Second, I masturbate profusely with my tears >=). Third, I listen to my j-pop/j-rock on my phone which I fall asleep too and wake up in a tangled mess "/.
Well the question is what is it I do before i go to bed so I just answered lol :p
Hmm last thing was lock the darn door but somehow it was opened and my laptop was gone~
Fluff my pillow.... open my covers and crawl in my bed~ Tuck in and say good-night~

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