What kind of stuff do you like?

i like shutting off, not thinking anything except that i hate everyone and everything...or at least i try to talk myself into thinking that

I do that too. Then I realise that I enjoy doing it which then negates the purpose. -_-
I like doing something anything rather then doing nothing ~ wow my overall activity went from 81 to 39
I like [MENTION=18465]renano[/MENTION]...
:)) i like the new anime Sankarea :) ( go zombies go ) [ wish my future gf to be a zombie!? ] what a WIERD guy :))
I like world conquest. But only the conquest part, not the actual ruling.

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Could you please upload the 2024-7-13 update for RJ01174340?
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Hello Shine.
Could you re-upload this on Mexashare, Please ? if possible.
I would appreciate it.
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girls girls girls would be plausible to get reup on this on mexashare, looks like all links are dead.