Question What is the deal with the new "topbar" feed?


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Apr 1, 2012
I liked the top of page feed just fine as limited new activities, only showing the activities of forums where discussions actually happen.

Now it's become straight up NSFW bar. If I cannot get it back to what it used to be or switching it to text without visible graphics preview, can I at least hide it altogether?

Thank you for your feedback. We understand that the changes in the "Live Statistic" section, also referred to as the "topbar", has raised concerns, we have taken your feedback into consideration.

Currently, this section is set to exhibit the latest releases every last Friday of the month, known as the Release Wave Day, and reverts back to the standard view after a week.

As these changes might not be preferable for all members, rest assured, we are actively looking into ways to offer customization options, such as hiding or minimizing this section based on individual preferences. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to improve our platform.
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Hello everybody!

So glad to see familiar names here and there. ☺️ Was just wondering if it's possible to adjust the homepage settings so it could be SFW? Haha. 😅

Congrats, @Checkmate niisaaan! ❤️
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