What game are you currently playing?

Necesse. I had no idea it existed until a few days ago, but anyone who has played Terraria and had any amount of enjoyment out of, I give it a big recommendation. Simply put, it's Terraria from a top down perspective. My only real critique as of this point, the music is really lacking... though it might not be totally fair on my part as I'm stuck comparing it to Terraria and that has real catch beats.
Currently playing Taishou Mebiusline, but stapped and went to play chou no doku again:whistle:

Last month played Friendly Lab of tennouji but ios version hmm.. still hoping PC version release soon since ios version doesnt have the option to save or review the CGs...
Project Zomboid. UI sucks like the early 2000s, but there's still some charm to be found. :cramming:
Been playing some browser erotica, but now I'm all back to Genshin Impact and Rimworld. :laughpanda:
Hm. I can't really say I have a set of all-time favorite games, since no game is really perfect. I have been enjoying these games recently.

Red Orchestra 2
Battlefield 1
Rainbow Six: Siege
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Mount & Blade: Warband
Arma 3
Fallout 3
Monster Hunter 3
Just started Cyberpunk 2077, got it cheap, wanted to make it the trial game for testing my new 3060Ti and 144hz monitor.

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Been playing a mix of Nikke, Diablo 4, and Genshin Impact.

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