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That is where other eroge gamers and reviews come in to help.
< one experience eroge gamer here =P
did you check out the games that Aya-shan posted ?
damn i can't wait to get my hands on "萌え萌え大戦争☆げんだいば~ん プレミアムエディション"
espacially as i were reading who is responsible for the Music ^^
Sound holic o.o. So u like slg type more =P.
Yeah a bit more than just skipping through text isn't wrong you know XD

Yeah Sound Holic ^^
@ Terumi - i am not in the elite group who play eroge since 2002 though..

@ Battlecat - i am more of an ADV type person and stories need to have depth. I prefer mystery/sci-fi/mindblowing and etc genres
yeah but a small change is not wrong sometimes ~nyu ^^

now i must think at Saya no Uta when i read your likings
Saya no uta is a classic game but it still ages well, but there are more mindblowing ones now xD.
i rarely play any mindblowing VNs
a try it but my brain is mostly melting halfway
ahaha u most likely are playing the confusing ones =P
cant handle those with too much story and plot, i will lose myself
nukiges~~ WOO
Nukiges get boring with the same usual stories.

I am probably the only few who skip H-scenes. Nowadays, i find H-scenes boring..
Good Art, Good Plots, Good Music, Good Voice Performance, Must have Juice

^ They are requirements, no exception for me
@ Mikufangirl - i am alright lol. After playing 60 + VNs for about 4 years, H-scene just get repetitive and boring hence the skip.
i always look forward to what atelier kaguya has installed for their games~!
“It would be a wonderful thing if love was the reason for this mistake”. Nice and catchy tag line for a game.
Not really a fan of MuvLuv here - in fact it kinda turns me off lol.

I see I'm not the only one :O
As for myself, I found a LOT of old VNs from VNDB, and I need to start playing them...

...After my midterm exams...

Nonetheless, I don't use Atlas because it has horrible translation, and I'm too lazy to customize the translations (More like I don't know how, lol)
I use EZtrans that translates it into Korean, and use Cliphooker with conjunction to AGTH.

Right Now, I'm waiting for Sekai Seifuku Kanojo to be released on Christmas Eve by Navel. I liked the trial version ^^

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