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Sad to hear that aya ..may be play during holidays.

Good luck in your studies ^^
i am sad too, with studies and time.
*stares at my mountain of backlog games*
It is really bad ne cause I got 6 reports due in the same time and I got 5 VN in my play list.
Damm this suck
Finish both Mikoto and Tsubasa routes in Kisaragi gold star ~~

Heartwarming and touching routes

Tsubasa dark mode and slightly yandere state is scary and HILARIOUS !!!
Eushully just announced their next title Alchemy Meister, which is expected to come out at spring.
Seems to take place south west of where Ikusa Megami takes place and uses a buffed up Himegari system for dungeons.
And the mud monster have been given a female body....
I guess the incident at Avatarl that 神採りアルケミーマイスター is referring to was indeed the final events of 戦女神VERITA's true history route.
With school and other life's work (and temptations!) I've got a mountain of things to do. good thing is i got a timetable set for these stuff. the games to be played / currently playing: Sono hanabira, Fate stay night, Sengoku Rance, and Recettear. the other stuff i couldn't remember ;p
i am still on magus tale *stares at backlog and sighs.....*
Classics, they even got translated. :P
Both are quite similar, though. ;)
Hmm... try recent VNs with better story? Older games tends to have not so good stories =P.
new VNs are coming and i have to wait till next year to play them
hope my PC can handle them >.>
they will keep coming and ur backlog will add up like a mountain~
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Go through some 'quality control' , pick the better ones and leave the awful ones behind.
It ain't hard to pick or u can ask me =P. Playing and finishing 100 % is another story ~
Well, there is always bad and good ones lol

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