TB's Marina Fan Project "Marina Case of the Queen" Official Thread

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Aug 3, 2012
"Marina Case of the Queen" Fan Sequel Discussion Thread


What is this project?
INFO: This is a fan project to create a visual novel based on the "Loaned Wife, Marina's Netorase Report" (貸し出し妻、満里奈の“ネトラセ”報告) series by Atelier Sakura/Team.NTR. A game series about a man named Kenji who "lends aka shares" his wife Marina to other men for sex. Its called netorase, which is a type consensual NTR sub-genre.

So why a fan sequel? A couple reasons, I really loved the characters and wanted to see continuation of the Marina series. Plus Marina 3 felt rushed, with a rather heavy handed message against netorase. Basically any form of NTR is bad! Why are you getting off on this!? Don't DO IT! Then BOOM - happy random ending and netorase out the door! Roll credits! Now don't get me wrong, I like happy endings but this one rubbed me the wrong way (esp.) how it used rape to delivery its anti-ntr message.

The prequel series after appeared to only reinforce NTR wasn't part of the Marina series sadly.

I will be re-using adult scenes between Kenji and Marina from previous titles for some sexy scenes and role playing.

On top of all this, Atelier Sakura games take place in the same universe and same town, allowing freedom to use un-visited backgrounds, music, locations and characters from other AS games.

To be clear this is basically just a interactive fan fiction written by me for myself but I want to share it with the community who loves Marina too. You might kinda like it, you might love it and you might think it sucks balls. Cool.

Gameplay and NTR
My game/story features a central plot that takes place over the spring roughly two years after the events of Marina 3.

Its is a visual novel that re-uses almost all of Atelier Sakura's assets such as graphics and sound, meaning it will feel and look just like the previous released Marina games except without voice acting.

The theme is still netorase, with a few important interactive decisions that allow for variations around two core endings. Plus a secret ending depending on those choices.

Story Opening
Two years have passed since Kenji's wife Marina last entertained his perverted desires to loan her out for sex. It's a fantasy Kenji learned to regret and forget, now along with their daughter the happy family is leading a picture perfect life.

Once a star athlete in high school, Marina has taken up her interest in athletics again and joined a neighborhood jogging group.

Overall life seems pretty simple and straight forward until Kenji is exposed to a new type of netorase involving a western culture theme that seem so extreme, it will haunt his dreams and nightmares. The path forward is not so clear...

Usual Suspects


INFO: Marina Azuma,

Loving mother and wife to Kenji, enjoying her normal life again. Although carrying no guilt of the past netorase events they have made her re-examine herself and behavior, concluding that better communication is needed in her marriage. This includes a more active sex life with Kenji too, but only Kenji.


INFO: Kenji Azuma,

Loving father and husband to Marina, once had a ntr fetish that nearly cost him his family. Dark desires lay dormant deep below scars of past netorase events and Kenji pours new energy with daily walk around the city to stay fit.


INFO: Saki Azuma,

Daughter to Marina and Kenji, waiting for her growth spurt. Despite this and a cheery personality, the growing teenager has become more reclusive of recent. Seeking the privacy of her bedroom rather then the company of her parents.


INFO: Robert "Bobby" Tanaka,

A foreign exchange high school student enjoying Japan and its women. Ever a raging bull, this emotionally charged teenager acts without thinking, but has excelled in channelling his youthful energy into athletics and sex.


INFO: Kouichi Yamashita,

Former AV star, his hunt for the perfect bride continues. Has become a good drinking buddy to Kenji.


INFO: Hiroto Nakamura,

Still a college student, but he's moved up to produce manager!

Monthly Status - Check last page of topic for most current update.
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Re: TB's Marina Fan Project "Marina Case of the Queen" Official Thread

i love it, good move dude!!!!!

i love it, good move dude!!!!!
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"See if you can find the clue inspiring Kenji to return to his fantasy, HIDDEN in sky from my title picture above!"..........what picture? i can't see anything T-T

Edit: Forget i asked, turns is just my internet sucking.......as for the game you had me when you mentioned going to dark places, i love brutal ntr so much that i actually liked the new soredemo xD, well, not all of course (the fat bastard almost makes me puke, even when i like his route...)
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Ya the game starts off light, but as it goes you will notice a change around the house but what that means is questionable. Plus depending on where your attention goes between Marina's games and your teenager daughters behavior, you might miss things or encourage them. I know the ending is going to mind fuck so many people and hopefully encourages replay (thats the type of game I want). Although the ending or rather epilogue will reveal certain truths - due to those truths it will make you question everything that lead up to that. You will leave the game having more questions depending on your investigation skills and actions.

I still can't find the clue hidden in the picture, what do you have there? nyarlathotep between the clouds?
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Roughly 3 1/2 years, Marina is 35 when my game starts and has her birthday in it. Marina was 32 in her last game. I needed to age up their daughter to roughly 16 AND I wanted a good portion of time to pass between them. Considering the damage the events of Marina 3 on their relationship I felt they needed some time to heal from it.

Previous games basically followed one year after the next (so Marina 1, she was 30).

Haha no, ok first hint its a symbol. Its small. If you find it, make sure to put a spoiler tag.

testing testing
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I think i found the clue, but unless its something related to the previous games (wich i still haven't played) then i don't get it xD
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Yeah, a game without cg's and seiyuus is a bummer.

Imagine that the game has an amazing sex scene, better than any other scene in the official games, a scene that would make you fap for months, but you can't see it, you can't hear Marina talking and moaning during the scene, the only thing you can do is read.

I will play anyway because i like the Marina series, and of course, because the work Tentacle is doing is amazing, totally appreciated :)
Re: TB's Marina Fan Project "Marina Case of the Queen" Official Thread

how many netori guy in this game?

how many netori guy in this game?
I know that we all want new cg and ya to hear Marina's voice, but this is just a fan project that started off as a fan fiction many months ago. I started turning it into a game because I realized it would work well and I could use Atelier Sakura's method of showing CG via small boxes - in effect allowing me to photoshop new images into the game since I only need a picture of a thigh, lips, ect.

While it would be impossible for me to get the voice actress I WILL be re-using samples like when you come home she'll great you, say your name, ect.

As for new CG, I could start drawing up some stuff but that would delay the game further as I'm only one man.

Please think of it as a interactive fan fiction. Plus Marina 3 went to prove that even WITH new CG - bad story can totally ruin them (if you can't tell I was not a fan of the M3's netori guy).

I really need to get my FAQ up to address these concerns lol...

Since you already mentioned photoshop, hopw about using existing CG, sure we would need to remember that Marina is older but she is already an adult so the changes would be small.
Sounds like a lot of work but I look forward to the end result.

(sorry in advance if I'm just repeating suggestions already posted)

Nobody's expecting you to be able to get Gentle Sasaki but at the very least will you or maybe an artist you know attempt to trace his art for new scenes?

Not going to pretend I know all the answers but would importing or reusing existing character CG be possible for everything in-between h-scenes?



Maybe just me but it could help make the project feel more authentic. You could even change the color(s) of their clothing if you wanted to make it feel like your own vs. an identical copy.

Sorry if I'm being a downer but even if your story is excellent some fans might be discouraged from even playing it if the artwork isn't close to being similar to what they're familiar with in the franchise or is objectively badly drawn.

I like the idea about reusing some existing audio clips here and there from past games. Maybe consider using some clips from the CD Audio dramas so it seems like there's some 'new" voice work?

Sound shouldn't be underestimate too. Consider using as much of the BGM from past games if you can.

Music has a strong connection to memories.

e.g. If you think about your favorite scene in your favorite movie there's probably a memorable piece from the soundtrack connected to it.

It's how filmmakers try to manipulate/control the audiences reaction/emotions.

Reusing familiar Marina music (which Manga Gamer has labeled IIRC) IMO would help bring everything together.
There is no scene recollection, I guess you mean there is no scene recollection with Marina's point of view, right ?

But it will have scene recollection with the scenes of the game, in case you wanna rewatch them, and of course, to know if you skipped some scene if it is locked in the menu.
So your game will be netorare not netorase as the original one? or at least will have a ntr route?

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