Star Trek VS Star Wars

Star Trek VS Star Wars, which is better?

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[MENTION=41234]T-ELOS[/MENTION]; Since this is the last (allegedly) episode in the Skywalker saga, it's worth watching them drive a stake through it's heart.

Of course, that didn't stop Dracula from getting back out of his coffin again and again and again... :evillaugh:
gonna give this show a try. Hope it turns out well. Would be nice to see the TNG crew back together again and wondering how Seven fits in.

Just had a thought about the name of SW IX, The Rise of Skywalker.

As we know, Rey is the last Jedi, and apprentice of Luke Skywalker.

I have this worry in the back of my mind that we will hear the line from Luke's ghost, "Rey, I am your father."

If that happens, I'm burning my DVD of The Empire Strikes Back. :ordercourt:
not sure I want to watch another Disney Star Wars film, but might give it a watch when it comes to Redbox.

The moment they discarded the EU I decided not to watch anything they had planned ,did see rogue one(not in theater) as that takes place before 'Disney Wars" ,i liked it thought it was pretty good ,then someone mentioned Kyle Katarn was the one who stole the death star plans...
After 4 episodes of the 8 episode SW side story, The Mandalorian, so far it's been interesting.

And then there's the mystery of the baby yoda.

He's only 50, he's just a baby.
I have to go with Star Trek. Sorry but the DS9 Dominion War trumps anything Luke Hans and Leah ever did, including the use of the force. Star Trek is just amazing when it comes to there story-lines. I will always have a soft spot for Star Wars movies, but it just can't compete with with the shows in the Star trek universe.
It was a time when I liked both equally but now I am a bit disappointment in both. On one hand the last three Star wars movies were a bit of a let down story wise and the first New Star Trek Universe was very weird for me especially when they decided to blow up Spock's planet... I am waiting for improvement on both fronts. I am not loosing hope... but for now I'd say that Star Trek is a bit ahead of Star Wars. I keep my fingers crossed for both to become better.
Yeah, the latest installments for Star Trek are seriously disappointing. It's like they learned all the wrong lessons from DS9. It's a wonderful show and my absolute favorite Star Trek series, but all the suffering is seriously not the appeal and nobody watched it for that.
The ending of the latest RLM video about Star Trek Picard comparing it to old clips is almost upsetting to watch. It's hard to believe the people in charge could miss the point that badly. It's seriously given me a new appreciation for Voyager and Enterprise, which I used to consider weaker entries. They still are, when compared to the series that came before them, but at least they're much more Star Trek-like.
Gotta give Disney credit. Though the main SW movies they've made have been lackluster, their side stories have been quite goof. Rogue One, The Mandalorian... entertaining.

Now we have the latest side story, The Bad Batch. A sequel to Clone Wars, it revolves around a group of enhanced, defective, misfit clones. After not carrying out Order 66 (eliminating the Jedi) Clone Force 99 are now enemies of the newly minted Empire, hunted by one of their own.

Star Wars The Bad Batch is definitely a series worth watching!

The first season is complete, and has been renewed for a second season.

Check it out! :)
Neither is better than the other as they are both for NERDS at the end of the day
After two episodes of The Book of Boba Fett, I am impressed! This looks like a pretty good story!


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