[Search] for the Doujin "[Seza Team (Sezan)] Mashimaro ism M"


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Jul 15, 2015
Hello at all^^

I've been looking for the doujin "[Seza Team (Sezan)] Mashimaro ism M" for ages.

I'm missing this Doujin from my "Seza Team"-collection
Unfortunately, the author never published this Doujin on DLSite, only in book form.
Recently, however, a digital version appears to have been released.
(https://www.myacg.com.tw/goods_detail.php?gid=3648348 or https://www.ruten.com.tw/item/show?22313345383614)

In order to be able to purchase this you have to register on the relevant site and for this you need knowledge of Japanese and/or a place of residence in Japan. Unfortunately I don't have either...

Unless someone already has this Doujin in their collection and would make it available, I am looking for someone who would purchase this Doujin for me and would send me a digital copy. (If it is a physical version of the doujin, scanning would still be necessary.)
I would then refund the cost of this doujin (via Paypal).

Would someone help me?

Best regards

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