[11:06] <velka> [01:54:11] happy valentine /
[11:06] <velka> [01:54:31] ヽ(;▽;)ノ
[11:06] <&Checkmate|Cloud> [07:48:48] so I'm a wizard now
[11:06] <&Checkmate|Cloud> [07:48:51] but I cannot cast any magic
[11:06] <&Checkmate|Cloud> [07:48:58] I guess I need to start the wizardry training
[11:06] <&Aegina> [08:58:49] you need to upgrade your magic wand
[11:06] <&Aegina> [08:58:57] i think its done by rubbing
[11:06] <~corocoro> [08:59:56] Besides, you're a druid.

LMAO I found this after waking up this morning in the chat log.

Lmfao, golden xD
[17:09] <&Aegina> anyone above 10 is a grandma for the likes of you and check

This happened when we were discussing our age in IRC xD
[15:25] <&Checkmate> I hope to see a life-like droid before I die
[15:25] <&Checkmate> :D
[15:26] <%KingArturia> Check obviously just want fapdroid
[15:26] <&Checkmate> obviously
[15:26] <&Checkmate> sexdroid
[15:27] <&Checkmate> gotta solve world population problem
[15:27] <&Aegina> love dolls already exist in stunning quality
[15:27] <&Checkmate> they don't self warming up
[15:27] <&Checkmate> when necessary though
[15:28] <&Aegina> i once stumbled upon some 2ch thread for love dolls
[15:28] <&Aegina> there was a photo where someone put... some fingers and... stretched... things to show the elasticity of the skin
[15:28] <&Aegina> it looked amazing, i bet warmth can be easily simulated too
[15:28] <&Aegina> personally i would love to see them given sophisticated AI and movement someday

Because this is what we talk about in chat :>
<Xenosia> delicious Checkmate

No context other than...well, I'll leave it up to your imagination ;)
[19:52] <Zero2DS> I was slapped so i came
[19:57] <Xenosia> :O that sounds so wrong
[20:32] <Aegina> dirty maso

Because our [MENTION=7]Zero2DS[/MENTION] loves getting slapped.
[01:33] <Zero2DS> if i am maso... Aegina 's imouto is sadist?
[01:33] <Zero2DS> :3
[02:11] <Xenosia> :O
[03:07] <Aegina> of course
[03:08] <Aegina> i coach her on the art of cutting penises in various ways

You don't mess with [MENTION=2]Ignis[/MENTION]'s Imouto yo!
[21:46:12]<KingArturia> unless it is a dude I like
[21:46:17]<KingArturia> then no way I'm going for dude

guess every dude on the channel need to be careful... xD

edit: ninja edited by sneaky ninja so i fixed it again. >,<
v2: the ninja is quite persistent D:
Last edited:
The flying fuck?!.... slander is not good yo~

*appears with definite proof* IGI ARI


King-chwan~ Guilty~ *taihou*
[01:35] <Zero2DS> if u ban me without reason i can pull one or two strings :3
[01:35] <Xenosia> g-string?
[01:35] <Xenosia> xD

Cos our Xenosia likes G-string.
 <&Aegina> you need to touch yourself more to extend your mana
[11:31:03]<Zero2DS> lubu > herc
[11:31:37]<Xenosia> because of his 3rd skill?
[11:31:56]<Zero2DS> because of manliness too
[11:32:00]<Zero2DS> i prefer lubu
[20:52] <Zero2DS> [10:32:16] torpedoes...
[20:52] <Zero2DS> [10:32:30] torpedoes = boobs ... one click and it will be there
[20:52] <Zero2DS> [10:32:37] when it will be in my hand :3
[20:52] <Checkmate> [10:33:54] I prefer ugh
[20:52] <Checkmate> [10:33:55] baloons
[20:52] <Aegina> [11:00:00] torpedoes are more like
[20:52] <Aegina> [11:00:03] щ(´D`щ)゚∀゚☜) SURPRISE BUTTSECKS!!!

This is what I woke up to in the log ._.
[14:57] <K0u> git gud u noob
[14:57] * K0u fleeeeeeeeeeeeeees
[14:57] <~Aegina> nou
[19:20] <Xenosia> [02:14:03] :O
[19:20] <Xenosia> [02:21:02] ok thats enough maid training today
[19:20] <Xenosia> [02:21:03] :3
[19:20] <Xenosia> [02:21:15] go get more sleep Checkmate
[19:20] <Xenosia> [02:21:23] and dream about kouhai harem
[19:20] <Checkmate> [02:22:56] no time for that
[19:20] <Checkmate> [04:44:18] although
[19:20] <Checkmate> [04:44:26] I have been improving my cooking skills
[19:20] <Checkmate> [04:44:30] not sure what for
[19:20] <K0u> [06:11:22] to attract all of dem gurls k
[19:20] <Checkmate> [06:47:40] what
[19:20] <Checkmate> [06:47:44] gurl only like badass
[19:20] <Checkmate> [06:47:53] they don't care about how much of a perfect husband you are
[19:20] <K0u> [09:01:33] mostly if u have a car, house and $$ any gurl will flock to u :^)
[19:20] <Aegina> [09:32:43] "any"
[19:20] <Aegina> [09:32:45] i won't

[19:20] <K0u> [09:57:57] bet check wont want u either `-`

Just in case anyone is wondering what gender Iggy-sama is and how perfect a husband Checkmate could be :D
[19:51:16]<Zero2DS> deal
[19:51:22]<Zero2DS> let's make that a promise between man


Which ship would ASF Community go for?

1.) Checkmate X Corocoro
2.) Checkmate X Ignis
3.) Checkmate X Tessu
4.) Checkmate X Velka
5.) Checkmate X Cocona
6.) Checkmate X WsE

Cast your vote now! :D
04:53 <~corocoro> Softcore is still considered ecchi.
05:14 <@velka> I posted it. It is not bad, something like how i stalked men with exposed nipple, with with oppai
[23:23] <Aegina> [04:32:20] it *is* wrong to wish for a love encounter in a dungeon
[23:28] <Zero2DS> Aegina it is
[23:28] <Zero2DS> in the dungeon there is only my love ;)
[23:28] <Zero2DS> so you dont need to wish for it
[23:28] <Zero2DS> ask and i shalt answer (limited to bishoujo)
[23:42] <Checkmate|Cloud> is it
[23:42] <Checkmate|Cloud> I thought sex in dungeon is great
[23:43] <Checkmate|Cloud> it's cold and dark just like bed room
[22:54] <Aegina> [00:37:03] the question is, whom you'd have sex with in a dungeon?
[22:54] <Aegina> [00:37:36] if we use the original meaning of the word (underground prison) it'd likely be burly, hairy torturers
[22:54] <Aegina> [00:37:53] if we use the rpg meaning it'd be burly, hairy orcs
[22:54] <Aegina> [00:38:00] you don't get grils either way
[22:54] <Xenosia> [01:49:58] it doesnt matter for Zero2DS, anything is good for him
[22:54] <Xenosia> [01:50:00] :3
[17:08] <K0u> hope they dun call quits
[17:08] <K0u> theres no good alternatives left lol
[21:20] <Aegina> what do you actually can't live without wrt nyaa
[21:20] <Aegina> annie may?
[21:20] <Aegina> ugh such a bad sentence but i think the meaning got across at least

This is so bad I think it deserve a spot here in the ASF Quotes Hall of Fame

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