Mini mg? MG 10~ What came before~

Noooo please beg her to join in , she'd be fun to have in the game:runhappy:
Working on it...

Yay im done~

A humble invitation for tea,
The tables with sets of three,
My dear friend,
I implore thee,
If thou hast the time to spend,
Grace us with thy calming presence,

With hopes of happy memories,
Come join this little play of mine,
Awe us with your talents,
Conduct your serene melody,

As with the days we first met,
Upon that apocalyptic set,
Your glowing figure in the distance,
A memory that will forever shine.
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Worry not you silly child
Colors of blue or red
Shall never repress the quickening thumps
My heart makes

Such an eloquent take
To persuade this lady of dread
A few leaps, a few jumps
How can one ever say no?

Therefore, it is so
She agrees to play
Songs in the night... Long fights by day
Let the finale be filled with gusto, long-lasting, and wild
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Well I guess I should go and make a proper story then xD Or at least make it more detailed..~

/me glomps ojou sama x3
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/me triple glomps Sam~

I just want to let you know that I joined because of you, Sam. Not the story, not the game... they come later.

Everyone else would be a 'maybe', but a 'yes' is always ready for you.

It's fine if people think it's 'special treatment'. You've been with me from the beginning and I joined the game as a 'Thank you' for all you've done.
/me picks up ojou sama and spins her around~

Thank you for joining as well..~ >///< Ill do my best to keep this game on par with the rest nonetheless..~
I feel like Im the one that should be giving thanks though..~ You always make the forums more lively and fun~
I really love to see how close you two are! Such an incredibly refreshing sight~ ^^

And, well, now that you included me despite the amount of uncertainty that I expressed in my post, I'll have you explaining me the rules later... xD
[MENTION=8332]samyeung46[/MENTION]; so about the applications, you're asking us to make our own character but from an actual anime??

Name shiina
picture (optional )

An Assassin/Ninja with a mysterious past etc.
color-???(what's this)
weapon- traditional Japanese weapons ,she uses a lot of weapons like kodachi, shuriken etc.

like this??
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[MENTION=8332]samyeung46[/MENTION]; so about the applications, you're asking us to make our own character but from an actual anime??

Name shiina
picture (optional )

An Assassin/Ninja with a mysterious past etc.
color-???(what's this)
weapon- traditional Japanese weapons ,she uses a lot of weapons like kodachi, shuriken etc.

like this??

If you want it to be from anime then sure~ If you dont then make your own?~

For the colors is basically red blue yellow orange purple green and you could make something like dark orange or light blue if you wanted~ Itll be used for something ;p And send it in a pm~
With people knowing I'm joining, they'll do just about anything to discover my whereabouts. I'm like one of those friends you love to hug for warmth and then overly smother with abusive hugs.

That cloak has a hole.

I didn't know you guys were using Skype to communicate your MG moves. I guess it can be easier at times than PM.
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Well.. the location of players is hidden here so you could just try and get as far as you can?..~

Wah @_@ /me tries to mend the hole..
Invisible threads are difficult to use... @_@

Either way works but skype is a bit faster..~
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Then I desire a customized foxhole. I'll even deliberately shout out my location! I'm not scared! Come at me! /me runs to her box and hides

Maybe... make a regular cloak and put the invisible spell after? Will that work?

Just installed Skype again because I got an invite from someone... if it wasn't for that... I wouldn't use it. Now that I have it installed, I might use it to communicate with you about the MG. Ugh, modern social interaction is highly unamusing at times. =_=
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Lol xD Ehh.... well... try not to scare them too much..~ /me doodles monster faces on the box~

That wouldve been a lot easier @_@ /me goes get a cloak..~

Hmm... what dont you like about it?..~
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Are those doodles meant to scare them away? It attracts them...

Maa, that cloak got you all tied up in a knot. I can see why you would be blanketed by it. Puns intended.

Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Livejournal, MySpace, and much, much more... are all a hassle. I'd rather write a letter by hand and mail it to you for more significance.

I don't mind forums like these to chat, but the way those social networks above literally 'eat you alive' as if you constantly need to 'update' or 'connect' is preposterous at times.

Why can't you use your mouth to tell me when you're just right next to me? Why text or send me to your profile page to check out your status?

I understand we can connect on a wider scale and find things easier. I understand they are now what runs the economy in a way... social sites = society = ads = exposure = marketing ploy (much more)

I understand that there are people who use those sites and actually make a living, get a job, or show to a university what kind of person they are.

Important things like that, I consent.

I don't mind people using them, but when they say "it's the only way to communicate or to connect" then I shut down. The worse part is that people only do it because it's "cool and modern" just like my stupid second cousin who cares about popularity and money.

That's it. I'm done.

Hope slowly diminishing.

/me casually walks out

Sorry about the rant...
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Oh boo... maybe the doodles turned out a bit too cutesy.. /me goes doodle more in the sketchbook =w=

But... does that mean the invisibility spell worked? O.o

Hmm... forum seems to make up the majority of my chatting... @_@ I guess the advantage is that the response isnt expected to be instantaneous?~

Facebook is more about funny pictures than actual connecting at this point xD Or at least for me =w= I suppose I still chat with old friends there every so often~

Letters... they feel much more personal to receive...~ They have their own little charm even if it isnt instant..~

I guess I dont really have much experience with people who text to people next to them... that still not accepted as "normal" for me or the ones im around... unless theyre different when im not there... =w=

Cool and modern... its more of a preference... these tools will be a thing of the past at some point...

Its fine..~ Ill listen if you feel the need to rant..~
/me randomly lurks in...
『I have to learn to stop forgetting about this place :/』

/me starts thinking about what character to use...
I don't really use any social media sites properly. Facebook I just follow musicians and a few writers. Tumblr I just follow artists... I don't actually use any social media other than those I think XD
Maybe YouTube, if you count that.

It's a MadSova! I haven't seen that guy in a while. :hi:
『Social sites? Whats that again?:reallyconfused:

『Yo Pyre~ Haven't been around here in quite some time cause of laziness and busyness, yeah...:dead:

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