LPW#188 100 Coffee's Or Else

Umbra Mortis

Shadow of Death
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Nov 23, 2012
Since we all know how much Leggy loves coffee. What I'd like to know is if he's ever done something like this before.

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2. Post # 211 will win the LPW.
3. The winner can create a new LPW or pass the honor to another member.
[MENTION=1808]Shine[/MENTION]; The old LPW has finished. Would you kindly close it, and do the sticky details for the LPWs? Thanks!
Done something like it?

That episode is based on my autobiography. A Billion Cups Of Coffee! :samuraihero:

Congrats again!
I heard that if you go to the lumber yard at 8 p.m. you'll be able to meet God.
On Halloween night, if you sit in a pumpkin patch, the Great Pumpkin will bring you anime and manga.
My (non-existent) husband is really easy going, but forgetful and indecisive. I love him but sometimes it drives me nuts.
I got a haircut but it just made me look even more childish. I was hoping to look like a stylish 35-year-old woman. Boohoo.
I attended a cram school ostensibly to pass entrance exams, but I actually just wanted to hang out with my friends there.

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