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My mind was so full of the following year's budget that I didn't feel like having even one drink that night.
The new personnel manager brilliantly solved the problem regarding mandatory overtime without pay.
I desperately needed money, so I borrowed some as an illegal loan. Then I was charged illegal amount of money, so I am now in more trouble.
We´re wasting so much time in front of screens as a substitute for things that we´re missing in real life either consciously or unconsciously and when you´ve finally realized what you were missing you see everything in a completely different light.
Its time to say goodbye to the screens so I sent my ISP a notice for internet termination.
I know there will be extra costs if we travel during peak season, but the weather will be the best around that time.

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is it possible to re-up version 24.02 update from this ?
this link should have the correct update

sorry for the complicated request
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Hi Shine,
Could you please re-upload RJ438225 Part 4 on Mexa? Thank you.
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Hi Could you upload additional illustrations for RJ01174340?
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reup please *click*