[KISS] Custom Order Maid 3D2 (カスタムオーダーメイド3D2) - Discussion & FAQ

Forgive my ignorance but does that mean that the new dance will simply work by installing Plus Pack from this torrent on CM3D2 and 1.41 on COM3D2?

You need the plus pack iso mounted so you can use the patch to install the dance unto com3d2
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Yay, it's finally here!

GP02 November Update AKA Update #4 will be release this Friday. Details


KISS 32nd Livestream Broadcast Announcement
Date: December 14th, 2019

5:00PM JST until 8:00PM JST (With 30 minute slideshow before and after the broadcast. ETA may be extended by up to 2 hours depending on the situation)

Somewhere in KISS's office (OωO)

YamatoP (KISS's Producer)
Kei Aizawa (KISS's regular host and the VA for Shiina Ai)

Misono Mei(Voice Actress for Innocent personality and Rindere personality)

Nao (Singer, Ex-member of Fripside and known for singing the OP song for Hyperdimension Neptunia series and multiple eroges)

Broadcast Platform
NicoNico (main): https://live2.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv323301122

Youtube: TBA*

*Subscribe to KISS's Youtube Channel and click the notification bell to get notification

- COM3D2 Info
- How About This, YamatoP? (Suggestion corner in form of presentation)
- Maifu (Maid Waifu) Golden Hour
*Note: The subject and the order of the subject are subject to change.

Maifu Golden Hour will contain two section:
- Maifu Hour
- Maifu Appraisal
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Hey y'all. So I've been working on re-translating all of COM3d2's... subpar official English translation using i18nEx, in the hopes of providing better localization and not cringe at every misspellings/grammar(might just be a me thing, but I found myself sludging through the game whenever I see one).

Unfortunately, I found myself burning out very quickly after taking on this task. So far, I've re-translated everything but the b1_majime, c1_rindere folders(found in English/Script/General), the sex folder(found in English/Script) and the ntr folder from a1_muku folder. So rather than letting my WIP project be shelved indefinitely and gather digital dust to be forever forgotten, I rather put it out here in the hopes that somebody else could take it from here and completely fix the mediocre official translation. Or, ya know, still have it gather dust but at least it's out in the wilds of the internet for anyone to stumble upon!

Do note that this is a re-translation of the Official English Translation of the game. You could probably insert this into the JP version of COM3d2 without any problems but don't expect something more than the base game will have english text as I, unfortunately, am a total noob at learning Japanese(and probably have no willpower to translate everything in JP COM3d2 even if I do).

> Sybaris( https://custommaid3d2.com/index.php?downloads/noctsouls-sybaris-for-com3d2.63/ ) or BepInEx( https://github.com/NeighTools/COM3D2.BepInEx.AIO/releases )
>i18nEx ( https://github.com/denikson/COM3D2.i18nEx/releases )

Download of my project
>My WIP translation ( https://mega.nz/#!17BR0ACb!Nr1JZ0jVjSykGkNA0tSP0EdOABPWaqq-k29aSnl_7qo )
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hey everyone! sorry its a little late but here's my new winter 2019 recipe! perfect for aquariums (for some reason, like of all things why even an aquarium, its not winter at all). as always you can find it pasted into my cookbook here Z6qkqJ08
OMG SUPRISE ITS THE NEW RECIPE! this time for kuudere
as always you can find it pasted into my cookbook here /Z6qkqJ08
also not gonna lie kuudere doesn't really do it for me, I was really debating whether or not to learn this recipe for $20
but its actually a decent chunk of content so

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