I'm BACK~~~


Mein 3D Waifu
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Nov 29, 2010
Hey AS.
AlexSDU here. Joined the community in 2012, back when it was called Anime Sharing Forum. Been away from this communities since 2016, I think. How's everyone?
Anyone from the original members still here? I wonder if they still remember me?
How is my old 'rival' samyeung46? Still around? We used to fight on getting the highest poster in the forum.
welcome back alexsdu :8

Joined the community in 2012
It says your join date is November 2010 though

Anyone from the original members still here
Frankincense is still here...he's basically the law around here

samyeung46 is also still here but under a new name: Ghost Kitty~
He is currently the #1 poster on AS but hopefully I can take the throne from him by the end of the year
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Thank you. I forgot how to check when I join the group. I was check on my oldest post in here.
Anyway, I wish good luck on dethroning Ghost Kitty as a top poster.

Oh man, can't believe this forum has been around over a decade ago.
It's my long lost minion alex. =\
Hello boys. I'M BACK~~~~!

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