Is there any way to increase the viewing distance/drawing distance?

When I use an item map and increase its size, it gets cut off because the draw distance is set too low.

Any workaround that you know of?
Is there a way to add personalities/voices, even if it's just for studio? I want a port of AA2's lazy and rough, and AA1's quiet.
Anybody got Donald Trump's hair? I got a model and I got the face and body alright but the hair is...ack...

The clothing mods I'm most interested in are stockings and pantyhose but I've seen very little as far as that goes. I saw this one on HF - but the modder removed all his stuff from HF.

So... my request is more stockings/pantyhose or a point in the right direction.
Sorry if I'm asking in the wrong thread but does anyone have a working download link to the clothing mod:[Zeaska] HS_Top04_v1.1 (NieR_Automata_2B), I've been looking for a while now and any link I find is either broken, dead, or leads to a shady website. And yes I know there's a link to it in the Honey Select Pastebin, but that one won't work for me either.
can someone find or make a honey select character looking like this: velvet_crowe_by_sakimichan-day8n3q.jpg

she is velvet from tales of berseria for anyone interested.
Neo studios IK control is precise as one must double click an anchor point to active it and the moving and rotating control is separated and one must switch between, thus making wrong move by accident is less likely, but it is rather inconvenient to get some rough posing done with the old style simple control. I wonder if it possible to have the HS studio style IK control back in the Neo studio?
are there any decent male uncensors? the playclub one looks off and on certain positions it looks weird or just plain starts flipping around
Hi guys, very new here but I think I have a simple request. I would like someone to create a diaper mod. You could also maybe make some accessories like a pacifier or bonnet or what have you if you're feeling creative. If I just got the diaper mod I'd be happy as hell and would never want from this thread again. If I knew how the modding for this game worked I'd do it myself. If anyone at all can help me with this in any way they could I'd would really appreciate it. This whole search has been spiritually taxing to say the least... ????
hello there. I have a request for studio neo. do you think it's possible to do a mod who make characters can be "attached" to an item? it's seems we can attach item to characters, but not the inverse. I made a sex tool with an animated elevator chair, and I'd like to attach my girl on this chair to elevate her in same time as this.

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I use the Girl finder alot to create random girls.
My request is would it be possible to to make an additional customization to specify
pubic hair?:redface: For example: I want to create a few girls with thick patches of pubs. Or
a few with none at all. Maybe a check box for Thick pubes, Trimmed pubes or no pubes. :D

Could I request one of the talented modders here to create something like this?
Or a tutorial so I may learn how to create this type of mod myself? Please? :)
Thank you for taking the time to read this if you did.
I would like a hair mod with braids, tail, crests, shaved etc (Punk) ... something a little more modern and less common.

But I do not think anyone will listen to my prayer: D
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Is it possible to import scenes from normal Studio into NEO? Sorry if this has already been asked. Not sure if this would be possible with modding.
Someone please help! I'm looking for this apron mod. Thank you very much!

Any chance their might be a way to increase the number of available rooms in the main game? That's one big thing that Artificial Academy had going for it that this game lacks. In AA2 I could create a lot of different "theme" classes and I'd like to be able to do that in HS. That way I could have a room for video game characters, another for original creations, another for anime characters, etc.

I know you can use programs to expand the max number of girls per room, but I'm hoping there's also a way to increase the number of available rooms that are playable.

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