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  1. [Dyo-Anima] Surfing Venus outfit

    [Clothing] [Dyo-Anima] Surfing Venus outfit

    thanks again @Shiro2 This includes the items shown below: 205761843 Top: [Dyo]Surfing Venus Top 999864721 Inner Top: [Dyo]Surfing Venus Bikini top 208761854 Inner bottom: [Dyo]Surfing Venus Bikini bot Notes: -It's an outfit from the Dead or Alive games, the DOAXVV - Surfing Venus...
  2. [Request] Honey Select Unlimited Extend + Studio Neo

    [Request] Honey Select Unlimited Extend + Studio Neo

    Honey Select Unlimited has been posted here before, but this is the newest version Fakku has released since. It is a bit pricy at 60 bucks, but I believe this is basically original Honey Select Party with all the patches and neos. Y'all know the deal, it's called Honey Select Unlimited Extend +...
  3. Vendeter

    Honey Select Visual Bug

    Please, help! How to fix this? After selecting some character cards, which, incidentally, go beyond the screen due to the characters being too "large" and because of the heel mod, all characters lose their feet!
  4. A

    [PROBLEM&IDEA] Mod for HS to make Google Cardboard VR is real.

    Hello everyone. I have problem and idea to resolve it, but can't carry out, because I'm bad in software programming. The problem is that in the Honey Select using very strange render resolution, which does not give to set custom aspect ratio. Aspect ratio by default 16:9, but for VR (for one of...
  5. K

    [Honey select] is there a way to reset achievements? a save file or something?

    i downloaded a repack version from fitgirl, i wanna know if there is any possibility of reseting because it came with every achievement "got", and i sort of want to play the proper way and unlock stuff, thx in advance
  6. smoothlaunch

    Honey-Select : Pixelated-Self-Shadows & how to fix ?

    Hello to everyone ... My First question : On a scene in Honey Studio, when i activate self shadows of a light, shadows appears in big pixels/ pixelated . But when i add lights with HS Shortcuts ..Light shadows are not pixelated. How to fix this problem ... How to increase shadow quality. ? My...
  7. Moira Burton character (my very first mod)

    [Clothing] Moira Burton character (my very first mod)

    Hi there I´m Darkruler, previously just a HS player now I have started modding HS, this is my first mod, I love Resident evil characters and I´m thinking about adding more of them to HS, by the moment I just added this one, please give feedback. Captions: Link to mod...
  8. Pegasus knight outfit.

    [Clothing] Pegasus knight outfit.

    So this is my second mod based on Pegasus knight armor. Making this one turned into a task since nothing wanted to work but over the course of a few weeks and dealing with my own problems I managed to finish it. It is not a public release but I'll post the main link...
  9. Party DLC & Studio NEO English Translation - All-In-One

    [Translation] Party DLC & Studio NEO English Translation - All-In-One

    Preface This is the same AIO that can be found on page 26 of the Hongfire Translation page, merely reposted here for ease of use and wider availibility. Have you been having problems with you game? Do you want to know what buttons to click? Don't know the name of that dress? Girls are taking...
  10. V

    help with honey select

    Hey guys i need your help today i run my honey select from the "InitSetting.exe" i changed the resolution of the screeen, i clicked start game but then it crashed i tried to run it again but this time from the "HoneySelect_64.exe" but nothing happen except from a tiny menu bar and the audio of...
  11. Resolution 1024x768 mod

    [Misc] Resolution 1024x768 mod

    [1024x768][Res][+][Torn Pantyhose undress] I modified The setup Xml using xml notepad And made it to work with 1024 x 768 and Another res of 1024 x 720 Its not perfect though as it cuts off about half of the light adjustment menu during h. :eek: 1024 x 768 res tends to look to long but this...
  12. [Supa][Roy12] All characters' hairs converted to wigs (head accessories)

    [Hair] [Supa][Roy12] All characters' hairs converted to wigs (head accessories)

    [Supa][Hairs] Roy12's hairs2wigs v2.0 (update to Pai Chan) Greetings: Version 3.0: Made 3 gradient hairs at head accessories slot. Ivy from SoulCaliber, 2B from Nier, Motoko from Ghost in the Shell. All ported by roy12 sama. I added the gradient hair color just for fun. Colors can be changed...
  13. GUI for Additional Bone Modifier bonefiles : "HS Active Bones Female"

    [Utility] GUI for Additional Bone Modifier bonefiles : "HS Active Bones Female"

    "HS Active Bones Female" V 0.2 : GUI for Additional Bone Modifier bonefiles : HS Active Bones Female is an WYSIWYG Utility to edit Female Characters Bone files on fly. Version : 04 Requirement : HS Wide Slider HS Additional Bone Modifier UPDATED to V.04 Update notes : Added Belly Bone ...
  14. S

    Honey Select: big issue with SkinTexMod

    Hi everyone. I have a very important question to do: How SkinTexMod works? I press "J" but nothing happens. I have all the folders in the right order: Plugins/SkinTexMod/Textures/ and the file SkinTexMod.dll included, but when in-game I press "J", nothing happens. I also premise that I have all...
  15. Roy12's DOA girls 4K remastering

    [Misc] Roy12's DOA girls 4K remastering

    Roy12's DOA girls 4K remastering ( Rachel ) ★ 4K REMASTERING ★ Original mods: roy12mods.com Autor: roy12 ★ SPECIAL THANKS ★ Roy12 for making this awesome imports. Go support him on patreon. plasticmind for making 4K skins and tweaks. emperor1120 for the fix guide. ★ REQUIREMENTS ★ Due...
  16. Scene sharing thread: Share/Upload your scenes

    [Misc] Scene sharing thread: Share/Upload your scenes

    Your scenes can be found under Honeyselect\UserData\Studio. If you want to share your scene just upload the png file ;)
  17. C

    Problems installing HS

    Hello everyone, I just found out about this game and I want to try it out. I've download the main game and the latest official update from here (http://www.anime-sharing.com/forum/eroge-corner-102/%5Billusion%5D-honey♥5select-ハニーセレクト-discussion-faq-500741/), plus the EMF patch...
  18. F

    [Mod Discussion] (Illusion) Honey♥Select (ハニーセレクト) Newbie Flashk1ll's Resource & Guides

    Preface Been here (HF) since AG3 but I was never good enough to do my own mods. I've always created tons AG3 characters and probably only shared a few privately. For those that did, I still remember you guys and even though I lost almost all my AG3 characters due to raid failure and afk Hard...
  19. HS Vanilla+ Nipple's Pack 1.1 (Stand-Alone)

    [Texture] HS Vanilla+ Nipple's Pack 1.1 (Stand-Alone)

    This mod adds four variations of the Vanilla's Nipples ------------------------------------------------------------------ :hi: I'm a long time lurker from HongFire and from here too, and I always stayed in the shadows... It is time for me to step out of the darkness and to share something back...
  20. B

    [Help + Suggestion] SBPR Heroine's full personality in Honey Select

    As title say. Need your suggestion of their PERSONALITY - TRAIT - MENTALITY - H-TRAIT in Honey Select. Heroine list (my own custom appearance) Nagisa - Maid in Green Ryoko Yabuki - Maid in Red Miyako Sagara - Pink Top/Sweater Natsume Kasahara - Camera Girl Oboro - Small Girl Yuzuho Kinashi -...