Question How's The Spam?


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Oct 17, 2012
Just wondering... As we all know, v1 was chock full of spam problems. I was in the habit of helping find and reporting it. Became a routine.

One feature of v2 is that spam problems are cleaned up.

So how's the spam situation doing now? I haven't been seeing any since v2 went online. It's looking nice!
Spam management is a pivotal function of ASF v2, comprised of two tiers:

Tier 1, offering basic filtering, is currently in use. Its performance has exceeded initial expectations, eliminating approximately 95% of spam.

Meanwhile, Tier 2 is an advanced filtering system that remains undeployed. This backup system would be utilized if spam successfully manages to bypass the Tier 1 system.

Spam management is akin to an arms race - spam continuously attempts to bypass the blocking mechanisms, while we constantly adapt to counteract their strategies.
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It seems pretty effective. Haven't seen anything slip through yet.
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