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Oct 18, 2010
Um...I will go straight into the point and trying to make it short and simple. There is nothing wrong when you going to make Request Thread. But it will do IF you make thread like after few hour when the clock turn to release date ! I had seen threads even made 1 day before release date, is it logic ???

There are 2 type distribution of games: Package Version aka games being ripped from DVD and Download Version aka Digital. For Download Version, you can download file as fast as after you made purchased. But this kind of game often require Crack to bypass Authentication if you plan to share it world-wide. Package Version takes a bit longer time, since you need pre-order and receive package from delivery service, then rip from DVD. In return, this Version often not require Crack and playable after you installed. Told about Crack, I will make it more clearly. Not all of people got enough knowledge to crack the game. They are kind enough to buy and sharing the game. All you need is, being patient and wait for Crack. It is useless to crying over for Crack while you may able to play for free after few day. Even Crackers, they have life and stuff and they are not available 365/24/7 to cracking game and pleased you. If you can not wait, purchase game and play it first. You got what you paid for !

Finally, what I want to point out in this post: you can make request as usual, but please wait at least 7 days after release date ! Because your wished games may got released after you made request thread like 1 minute ! Same go for Crack, make sure to note and check back thread later to see if any member able to Crack or found way to get the game working. Oh, make sure you use Search function before start making new thread~

Anyway, make sure you follow rule on making Request Thread by provide information below:

  • Game Title in Japanese:
  • Romaji:
  • Release Date:
  • Official Site or Getchu Link or VNDB Link


[Request] [210430] [HOOK] ゆびさきコネクション as Thread Title
Title: ゆびさきコネクション
Romaji: Yubisaki Connection
Release Date: 2021/04/30
Official Site: http://www.hook-net.jp/yubisaki/index.html
Getchu: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=1116369
VNDB Link: https://vndb.org/v29667

Okay, I really do not understand why people nowadays can being impatient like child ? Sorry if it hurt you but that is exact what I see ! When the game you want "not being post", you made request threads immediately although release date just come ??? You crying and even demanding people share the game you want like this thread, seriously ??? If you want game that fast, BUY it yourself ! When you asking for helps from other, at least BE POLITE FIRST ! Not only us but Japanese and Chinese uploaders have their life and work. Be grateful that they willing to buy and share. Yet, people being greedy and still not satisfy with what they got...

Let's take a look this month. Almost games already out and posted although release day is 2 days ago. Still, people made request threads for latest game on 24th which we deleted. Sometime, it can be a bit early or late but it will getting release eventually. So, if you wanna make request threads, please stay still and wait at least 7 days according to release date before doing so ! If you fail to read and understand then I have no choice, you have been warned !

That is all, thanks for reading and your cooperation !

Updated red lines on 2021/09/26

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There have been many more cases of requesting new games here, so allow me to reinforce gc's point.

Firstly, the reason we want you to refrain from requesting recently released games is that it is pointless. It is highly unlikely that these games will fall off uploaders' radar and they'll share them as soon as they can. And if they don't, then it means these games aren't available even to uploaders in the first place (or they simply don't want to share, which is totally within their rights). Also, it usually takes time before they're shared (reason stated in gc's post). Requesting within 2-3 days or even a week after the releases makes no difference.

Secondly, by creating such threads, you push other request threads that deserve more attention down to the bottom and eventually off the first page. The purpose of the request section is to request rare, hard to find, or no longer available games, not games the whole world are already having their eyes on. Please be more considerate toward other members.

If you fail to read this then it is unfortunate, but infractions will still be going toward you.
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