Hooking Inyouchuu Shuu / [TinkerBell] 淫妖蟲 醜 ~凌蝕楽園退魔録~


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Jul 20, 2014
Seems like TinkerBell changed their engine for the new release (or so it looks to me, "ChakraCore"), so now I'm having an issue I never had before with any of their games.

Using Textractor I get any and all kinds of text hooked - except for the dialogue. Not even a cut off line, not a single character. But the options and other garbage, sure.

I've read that turning off anti-aliasing might help, and I tried a few stuff in the settings to no avail (maybe I'm missing something?). Trying to search for hooks just freezes up the game without any results in textractor.

Anyone got an idea or something? The game is very new, so I'm not expecting much here.

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