Here goes another rorikon

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Nov 3, 2010
Yup guys, just know AS got a forum recently =))

Am I late to say hi? The design looks fresh and nice but seem kinda dark :D

Hope this will turn into a big shot in near future.
Welcome love, Feel free to chat, relax or DL in here ne.
And Nice to meet you.
Welcome Love , enjoy your stay here.
Hello, I'm new too. Nice too meet you guys.

I'm waiting so looong for this forum opening ^^

.... Can I post "ecchi" pics in this forum ?


My fetish is long black hair and medium boobs with black stocking, maid outfit, cute-pure white panties and bra performing fellatio ^^.
A warm Welcome hug from me too ~nyu *hugs*

Hope to talk to you sometimes ^^
Welcome to AS, LovePlasm. :)
It's never too late to join in. :p

@Tes: Actually Cielo disappeared somewhere, so we're out of light. :D
Actually there is Cielo.
Actually Cielo disappeared somewhere, so we're out of light. :D
It's broken, I disabled it

Sorry for hijacking your intro thread~

How many rorikon here now hmmmmm
Hello LovePlasm~
Welcome to AS! (:
Hope you enjoy your stay here & hope to see you around the forum soon~

@Check: More than one.
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