help to install [031212][MAIKA] 凌辱秘書室2~御童志狼篇~


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Feb 9, 2024

Sorry, but does anyone know how to install this game? I tried it, but it asks me for disk 2, but I already installed it and it still doesn't work, I only get this window, help me, sorry.
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If you have disks in mdf/mds format then it's strange because I didn't have such a bug.
Hi, :)
All, work fine, for my Win11 Half Japan mode, i only change System Language, to Japan, but Win Lang, not Kanji, sometimes just need, use Locale.Emulator., or VirtualBox WinXpSp3Jp.
You, can try use my 2 Disc version, just use (.mds) , and just, in case install DaemonTools or Alcohol120%.
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