Funny Introduction~

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Nov 16, 2013

Hello people, i Need to open up to you.

Today, i was searching somethings on google, and trust me, i did not even typed "anime forum" or anything relative.

- : " Oh, okay then, what df you just typed ? "
- : Wait wait wait.

First, My name is Emily, i have 17 years old, and i work with photoshop & A.E.

Now, we can continue;

- : i just typed ... > Mizuki Island (I Was trying to get the game mirror) And.. this is an Hentai game, so .. how df i'd reach this forum ? o.o

who knows... the life and its mysteries.. '0'

I Hope to make some new friends here, and learn somethings \o
Welcome to AS Emily~

Hmm.. there is an h section here ;p So the game was probably in there somewhere~

Drop by the spam/games if you feel like chatting~ Pokes the stuff in my siggy as well~
ASF-teamへようこそ, Emi/Emily!

The ASF-community let you welcome in your new home, have lot fun with your beloved stuff/section here and of course with us, too. If you about what a or some more question(s) have, then let you not hinder come then to us, and we'll it explain, okay...?


- Kuriyama-san...:XD:
- And how already Samy says, in/on Hentai game or OVA section will you sure find some beloved stuff.

Welcome to AS.... have Fun In Here....

i see... you looking h.. :smug:

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