Do you purchase your manga?

Well I always purchase manga I enjoy like i read them online and then buy the entire series to support the author etc. If you dont want people seeing what your reading you can buy them in ebook fashion.
I'm in for the majority of buying manga to support but most importantly if the content hit home with me. I can see the space issue coming with too much but I resell them at a respectable price when the situation appears. Recent buys: Dorehedoro, Claymore. Rather read online: Neon Genesis Evangelion the Shinji Ikari Raising Project. On the other hand with anime I never buy DVD/BD is too expensive. It says when I find them in stores "Special Import" and I just moon dance away. 10/10 Movie/Series I buy but never happens..
I typically like to buy the Manga I'd like to share with friends. I understand that going on a website to read manga might be weird to them, so as much as I'd like to have a physical copy, I'd also like to be able to share the manga stories I like to so much with my friends.
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I'll buy it as long as it's available in my language. Sometimes, though, I'll read something online and end up hating it so I don't continue reading and then don't buy it. I learned this the hard way thanks to the Eva anime. There were two episodes on each VHS so that's $30 per tape x 13 tapes(you do the math). Ever since then I read scanlations or watch fansubs/streams before pouring that much money into something I may or may not like.
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No, I mostly get it from the internet, have ordered some from Japan once but it's quite expensive.
I prefer physical copies over digital, i feel like you don't have it unless you're touching it, but since in my country there's hardly anything available (and if there is it's 10 times more expensive than any other country) i stick to scanlators.:alice_orz:
I don't usually buy them but only my favorites like (Kuroshitsuji & DGM) and I loved reading a fantasy book that was made into a manga? I BOUGHT IT!! (TID)
Also, I've been dying to purchase this korean webtoon I finished reading a couple of years ago, I really wish to have it on my shelf unfortunately It's not on amazon or any english websites :( I'd love to buy the korean version [ I only know how to read a little bit kr so I was hoping it will improve my kr ]
Yes of course. As of a matter of collectibles and easy read, also show off.

I buy them mostle at my local country version, but some I import them in RAW from amazon jp such as Pokemon Special which already have more than 60+ tankoubon. Also some of light novels such as gensou suikoden, oregairu, death march and remonster
Honestly, I would purchase them because I really love having physical copies and I have that satisfaction of holding them while reading. However, looking at the circumstances now, I read them online.

Not only physical copies are expensive (like really expensive when you include the shipping rate and everything), I don't have any space for them and I can't read Japanese. I mean, not all manga that I want to read are fully translated. I just hope that I can learn Japanese fast so that I can read raws.
As i've started to learn japanese, i've also become interested in manga written in "original language" (and not only manga grabs my attention, the thing is also true for visual novels, anime, songs, Drama CD's, etc.), that's why i've purchased 少女革命ウテナ not so long ago and definitely'll go up for more. However, most of the time i read it online, because we don't have so many manga publishers in our country-the industry is still developing-and the choice is poor too.
Yep. Completed my Fairy Tail collection recently.
Deciding on Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken or Yotsubato! to collect next
erm... for all the manga I love and that won't ever be translated in my native language, nor english, well, sometimes when i get savings, I can buy some on mandarake (and i ddl some scansubbed versions too) but damn... transportation fees are killing me.
I read a bunch online, but I also have several hundred physical volumes (way back home right now though orz). Filled my suitcase when I was coming back from Japan too. :)
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I used to only read online, but figured it'd be nice to have at least some kind of collection. Fastforward to now; got a bunch of em stashed :)
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