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SOTM's #67 Entry Signature Project.

Full Background Signature.


Astounding work as always [MENTION=44312]Dark Angel[/MENTION]; ! Think I could bug a new set from you? I mean it's been SUPER long time since I visited here last time. Had to take a hiatus of sorts. ^^;

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Ver wrote on girlcelly's profile.
Hello, I was wondering if you can reupload or reseed 戦極姫3~天下を切り裂く光と影~ 遊戯強化版-壱ノ巻?
nobis_c wrote on Otokonoko's profile.
Btw Otokonoko, do you have the latest version of this game? It was long overdue for an update.
UnHolY JaiL TRPG to Ver.2024.06.02 / Ver.1.20