Can't reinstall appetite games


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May 7, 2021
Several months ago I played some appetite games and then deleted them. Now I tried to install them again and nothing happened besides this window
I suppose it tell me that game already installed but, well, it's not. How to deal with this?
When you deleted them, did you just delete the installation folder or did you uninstall them from the Apps control panel (or Programs & Features, depending on Windows version)? If you haven't done the latter, then try to go to the settings page and uninstall them from there, even if the files aren't here anymore you should be able to remove them from the list. The installer should give you trouble no more then.
Nah, same shit. I deleted one from Programs & Features (althouth it said that files already gone), another one wasn't found in Programs & Features so I suppose it's also should be gone already.
I've tried with the few appetite games I have and I haven't run into your issue.

As a last resort you can check the windows registry. Do WindowsKey+R , type "regedit" then Enter. Navigate to Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\ and rename any appetite install entries (or straight up delete if you're feeling bold). Their games tend to follow the structure "apt###_gametitle_is1. I've tried renaming the key folder and the installer acted as if the game wasn't installed anymore. If you don't find anything you can also try a broad registry search with the game's name (in your case "発情淫母") from the registry's root and deal with any erroneous entries, but only if you're sure what you're doing (messing with the registry can seriously harm your computer).
Sorry for writing on a dead post, not even sure if people will see this message. Im having the exact same Problem: not being able to install a previously installed game by appeitte. I tried the Suggestion by kzel but with no success, i couldnt find a single key starting with apt even tried searching it with the built in finder. I have this Problem on 2 different Games, i uninstalled them properly, they dont show up on any uninstall software.
One of the Games i have trouble installing is: ぼくがボクに興奮するわけがないっ!
Sometimes, problems like that can be caused by old temporary files and unneeded registry entries.

I regularly use the free version of CCleaner, to handle problems with old temp files and unneeded registry entries.

I make absolutely no guarantees this will help the issues mentioned, but it can't hurt to see what happens.
It was worth a shot. Still, it's not a loss. Periodically cleaning up temp files and unneeded registry entries with CCleaner can help improve your computer's performance.
Maybe I'm late, but this worked for me.

This happened to me with some VNs. It was a pain at the moment, but i solved it using "Advanced Uninstaller PRO". In my case, it detect files even from VNs that already delete Uninstall.JPG, you can identify them because it has ??? instead of name since they are in japanese.

Just look the list and uncheck if necessary before deleting all the scanned files, since sometime it reads file from other few games.

I hope it helps

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