Ask a question and next person have to answer.

*Pff* Just 10 hours? Try 18 hours.

Answer: Not a fan of both. But I do like rootbeer.

Have you ever pull a MacGyver-move on anything?
I have - Chinese yellow noodle + Sardine = Asian Spaghetti (Happened to me once in middle of the night, when I was soo hungry and no ready-to-eat food around)
yes, 2-3 times

have you ever kissed a girl u don't like? (family don't include)
Hell no! Still single and enjoying it.

If you were to send back to the past, what year/era would you like to be in?
Herbal tea.

What is your favorite food?
Hmm..that a though one. There are so many food that I like.
I think I go for Fried Chicken. Never turn it down yet.

What color represent you?

What kind of music do you like the most?
Asuka San!!!!

Who is the most awesome villain anime character?
umm the one who controls the red robot in FMP: TSR and calls sasuke kashim... cant remember the name.. and yeah that Toguro too in yu yu hakusho xD many to name

Q: what do u want to do before you end up in your grave?
To troll everyone~

What is the happiest moment during your childhood?
happiest moment yeahhh i remember when my pc came in the year 2000 :) it was a PIII 1Ghz though ;) our home was the first to own a pc at that time in our colony so whole of the colony was like sitting in our home lol

do you love someone (besides your mom dad sis n bro)??
This is a secret!

Who is the oldest in your family?
theres good and bad surprises though...

are you >20 years of age?
.... i want to be forever17.

Which part of the chicken you like most?

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Excuse me, o' respectable one. Do you have the latest version of this title?
錬金術師エマの借金返済物語 to v1.05
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hi shine could you upload this? thanks in advance!
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can you re-upload this game ?
錬金術師エマの借金返済物語 v1.07
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hi Shine, do you have this ?
【 ゴブリンコース 】プラン以上限定
Thanks in Advance
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hello,shine✨shine✨-ぽいずん-if巫女神さま-ver4-0公開.1420590/ This is the new version, I can't play the old Ver3.16. So I sincerely hope you can re-upload the Ver3.16 of it. Thank you very much!