Aria Full Series 3 Seasons + 4 OVAs + 2 Movies [BD 1080p] (Natural, Arietta, Origination, Avvenire, Crepuscolo, Benedizione)


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Oct 22, 2017

Main TitleAria the Animation (a2659)
Official Title
Official Title
Aria: The Animation
TypeTV Series, 13 episodes
Year06.10.2005 until 29.12.2005
SeasonAutumn 2005
Tagsdaily life, fantasy, manga

On the planet Aqua lies the watery city of Neo Venezia, a tourist hub in which people travel around in gondolas. Professional gondoliers known as Undines are well-revered as they act as tour guides for the people. Mizunashi Akari is a gondolier in training and also an employee of Aria Company. She gets to meet all sorts of people as she takes them on the gondola rides, from friendly mentors to special individuals, all this amidst the beautiful scenic backdrop of the entire city.

Box Folder 01 - ss1 + ss2 natural + ss3 origination + ova avvenire
Onedrive Folder 02 - ova arietta and 2 movies

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