Sailor Moon Complete Collection: Original 5 Seasons + 3 Movies + Remake Crystal 3 Seasons + 4 Movies [BD 1080p]


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Oct 22, 2017

Main TitleBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (a235)
Official Title
Sailor Moon
Official Title
TypeTV Series, 46 episodes
Year07.03.1992 until 27.02.1993
SeasonWinter 1991/92
Tagsalien, comedy, demon, humanoid alien, love polygon, magic, magical girl, manga, middle school, romance, school life, shoujo, super power

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon is a story about a klutzy, crybaby, 14 year old underachiever named Tsukino Usagi who was given some transformation items and super powers. Usagi transforms into the pretty, sailor suited fighter called Sailor Moon to fight against evil. But even as the super hero, Sailor Moon is klutzy and a crybaby. Then as time goes by, Usagi is joined by some other girls to form a team of sailor suited fighters.

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+ Original ver:
- Season 1:
Box Folder 01
Onedrive Folder 02
Onedrive Folder 03
Onedrive Folder 04

- Season 2 + movie Sailor Moon R: The Movie - The Promise of the Rose:
Box Folder 01
Onedrive Folder 02
Onedrive Folder 03

- Season 3 + movie Sailor Moon S: Kaguya-hime no Koibito (Hearts in Ice):
Onedrive Folder 01
Box Folder 02

- Season 4 + movie Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Super S: Sailor 9 Senshi Shuuketsu! Black Dream Hole no Kiseki (The Fabulous 9 Get Together! Miracle in the Black Dream Hole):
Box Folder 01
Onedrive Folder 02

- Season 5 Sailor Stars:
Box Folder 01
Onedrive Folder 02

+ Remake Crystal ver:
- 3 Seasons:
Box Folder 01
Onedrive Folder 02

Box Folder - Eternal movie 1 1080p
Onedrive Folder - Eternal movie 2 1080p
Dropbox Folder - Eternal movies 720p minimkv

Onedrive Folder - Cosmos 2 movies 1080p

Dropbox Folder - Cosmos 2 movies 720p minimkv
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