Anybody knows how the POV rankings work in Erogamescape?


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Dec 8, 2011
Hi folks,

'fresco here asking a question. I am trying to add a review to a game I purchased to Erogamescape but I don't know how the POV tag ranking system works. Like for example let's say I am going to add the tag "takes a bath together (一緒にお風呂♪ ) but to add that I need to add whether the tag is A, B or C. I tried to look for a FAQ or notes but I found zilch. The only thing I could find was that these letters are some sort of coefficients.

Does anybody know what this letters mean? Or interpreted in another way, does anybody knows when would I use which coefficient letter for a POV? Like the difference between A,B or C? This is the only thing stopping me to start adding reviews in that website.

And yes I know a bunch of reviewers there are dumb as s!#t which is why I decided to take it upon myself to start adding reviews to the games I buy and bring some needed "wordly" perspective. I swear to the big G that I have seem some of the dumbest reasons why reviewers there give the worst scores possible (the alternate as well of course).

Thanks guys :)
It's been a while since I visited but I think they just mean relevance, kinda like vndb's scale of 0 to 3 for tags. A for most relevant (as in : this particular tag is represented without a doubt), B for medium (open to interpretation) and C for low (it's there but easily excusable, or barely happens at all). Not really that useful for straightforward tags like 一緒にお風呂♪ but more for subjective stuff like 主人公がダメ!/素敵!、ご都合主義, etc...

Good luck with the Japan crowd, I've mostly given up on finding useful reviews or relying on scores over there.
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Thanks kzel!

That makes sense. I just put my word out in that empty void!

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