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  • yeah an error. It says either "Cannot find game process. Please Retry after game start" or "Failed to find game database"
    Is the Visual Novel Reader application still working for you? Seems dead to me and cant find a link to redownload it :/
    Did you get the 2nd translated Grisaia VN? Or are you waiting for the unrated version.
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    Lol. No problem.

    Can't wait for the 2nd Grisaia VN to get a translated release.
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    i have read your review about Muv-Luv Alternative - Total Eclipse, can i ask you a question ?
    does this VN have a happy ending ? i have read Muv-Luv Alternative and i really don't like when they let meiya die so before i decide to read i want to know if something like that happen again, thanks :)
    hi i saw you posted in a Reminiscence/レミニセンス thread, i have finished all the girls routes do you know how to get to Kyoichi perspective route? I have no idea how to enter it, i don't get any extra menu to his route or anything, do you have any idea? ^^
    『1. But its boring >_< I don't need more details than this planet...』
    『2. Yeah maybe you are the manliest, strongest and most special human so you can brag all you want, but you are still a human though?』
    『Don't get cocky on me just cause you registered a bit earlier you mere human :p』

    『Where the hell is that?!』

    『And yeah, its always fun to get to know another ASF's weirdo xD』
    『Yep, I'm sure we'll get along just nicely ^_^ Even if we have to fight and kill each other someday :traitor:
    『Hmmmm... Quite a strange situation... I don't have any friends since I hate humans and you can't be true friend with someone you hate... Okay, I thought up an idea. I will allow you to think of me as your friend. That will solve everything ;p』
    『Pssst... Hey you... Yes... You... Come here... Join us... I know you will like it... if you know what I mean...』
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