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May 3, 2017
Okay, first poster has to poorly describe the plot of an anime in MORE than one sentence and everyone else has to guess what it is. Person who guesses the anime gets to describe the next anime and so on. The person who posted the description of the anime has to declare the winner.

Note: the winner has 1 days time to post a new anime description. If they do not, I will post one. Also if no one guesses the anime within a day, the person who posted the description will name the title, and can provide another poorly described plot of an anime.

I'll start:

So, there's this dude, then there's this other dude. Still with me? Okay, so the second dude gets super pissed about the status quo. His village gets fucked up, he jumps at the chance to nope outta there, along with other dude and now big tits and some furry fucking thing. Outside of his village, other villages are gettin' fucked up. So they steal some big ass fightin' things and start fuckin' up the fucker-uppers. Some stuff happens, the dude dies, other dude goes through some rough stuff then bounces back and fucks everything in their way up. 7 years later, the universe is the bad guy and they fuck that too. Happy sad ending.
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Ehh D:
Does that mean I now have to continue?

Lazy description:

Arc1: robots fighting on the ground.
Arc2: robots fighting in the sky.
I wanna go to pizza hut....
So this bad dude ruled this empire for a really long time, and did some bad stuff to his people. Finally, 8 dudes couldn't take it anymore and kicked his ass. Time flies and this other dude can't find a job because he only knows how to break shit, because that's what he was trained to do. He eventually meets this white haired chick with a coffin on her back looking for her daddy's remains. So the dude who can't find a job and the dude's sister gets hired by the white haired chick to help her. However, there's this big alliance of nations doesn't like white haired chicks and wants to kidnap her and other white haired chicks.
Alright....I don't least I don't know the name even though I watched about 5 episodes of it I think...
Hitsugi no Chaika AKA Chaika -The Coffin Princess-

So this one dude transfers to this unique academy with a loli twin tailed headmistress whose entrance exam is to fight the person next to them with a weapon they can materialize at will and the loser would be kicked out. This dude has flash backs of his sister dying and the perpetrator condescendingly says she died because she was weak. The dude gets paired up with this girl he met on the way and defeats her despite having an irregular blade. He makes it into the school and gets paired with loli foreigner. He is forced to live with her as her "partner". She herself is interested in him because of a certain technique and his "blade".
It's a vast universe and there are many unclassified aliens out there.
A certain someone with his robot sidekick roam the galaxy to hunt them down?

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