[Anime Chart] Spring 2017.


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Jul 5, 2012

Spring, the season where the life coming back again, where messengers melodically tweeting/welcome the season, where the weather getting warmer, where at us then the urge calling out in the nature and the life again enjoying. But like always offering the seasons some external entertainment, and spring isn't exception, where then let's look what us the upcoming/incoming season offer will^_^!

1.0 ver.:

Notice: The source of it is noted on the chart.


News update (!)

2.0 ver.:

Notice: The source of it is noted on the chart.


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[121122] [catwalk] 魔王と踊れ! CODE:ARCANA 初回豪華特典版 + 初回特典 + マニュアル

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Sorry for disturbing again about this game, but can you please update it to 1.02 or newer? Old games on DLSite not always have info about update, so i don't know what the current version, just found info about 1.02 on ULMF. Thanks in advance.