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Nov 5, 2010
Hi everyone.

In order to minimize garbage and save this request section for people who truly need it, I'm taking the liberty of giving you some clarification.

From now on, the no longer relevant filled requested will be moved to the aptly named "filled request section" to make room for unfulfilled requests, so that they can stay longer near the top of the thread list and get more attention. In addition, unnecessary bumping will no longer be tolerated. Here's the definition of filled requests and how we can keep this place clean.

-Read this thread.

-Requests that have been answered with download links and acknowledged by requesters count as filled requests.

-Requests that have been answered with download links and have been idle for more than a week count as filled requests even if the requesters haven't checked them yet. If you check after your thread is moved and see that it isn't the correct game, don't create another thread. PM me and I'll reopen it.

-Requests stay in request section as long as requesters still don't get what they want.

-It's okay to bump once 3 month from the date of the last bump of the thread. This limit is a measure to prevent bump race from getting out of hand. We understand you want to increase the chance of someone who can share noticing your request, but be moderate and considerate toward other requesters as well. Excessive bumping will be counted as spam and dealt with accordingly.

-It's okay to discuss the content as long as it's not blatant bumping.

-If possible, please first search for the same unfulfilled request and post there. This is not required but grouping everything together will help make the forum tidier and help make my job easier the number of replies will more correctly reflect the real demand of the game.
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