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Feb 14, 2015
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  • This is My Chivalric Order of Slaves

    Title: これが私の奴隷騎士団
    Company: AsaChunSoft
    Release: 2021/04/01
    Language: Japanese
    Censorship: CEN
  • Info: https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ316945.html/?locale=ja_JP

    Take control of 8 different characters and visit the beauty salon whenever you want to change their looks!
    You can then try a minigame where you can touch them! There are some simulation elements, too!
    This game also features a special battle system. Each time you beat the game, you can trade your items
    and level to increase the difficulty. Or don't!

    Character Creation
    This is My Chivalric Order of Slaves [AsaChunSoft]
    Parts (not including variations):
    Bangs: 20
    Back of head hair: 10
    Tails (e.g. ponytail, twintail, etc.): 19
    Eyes: 18 (6 normal, 6 slanted, 6 droopy)
    Mouths: 16
    Hats: 12
    Glasses: 7
    Clothes: 18 (3 witch, 3 nurse witch, 3 princess, 3 monk, 3 knightess, 3 hero)
    * There are facial expression, clothing damage, and pose variations during battle and training.

    You can change skin, hair, eye, clothing, glasses, and underwear colors.
    You can change the color by clicking the sample, or you can use the more detailed RGB arrows.

    Training (H scenes and touching)
    This is My Chivalric Order of Slaves [AsaChunSoft]
    You can train your created characters!
    - Change the posing on the hands and feet
    - You can remove the clothes
    - You can gradually remove the bra
    - You can gradually remove the panties, too.
    - Groping, penetration, titjobs, and blowjobs are animated!

    Battle Scenes
    This is My Chivalric Order of Slaves [AsaChunSoft]
    - Shield break system
    The blue gauges under the enemy's HP are their shield.
    They can have up to 12 shields; each enemy is different.
    Normal enemies have 1 or 2, bosses have a lot.
    The gauges will deplete when you attack weak points.
    Magical weak points will deplete 1
    Physical weak points will deplete 2
    Deplete all their shield gauges and BREAK! will be displayed. Your attacks will do 5x more damage.
    After three turns, their shield will regenerate and your attacks will do normal damage again.

    - Hate system
    This game features a hate system.
    The red vertical gauge is the hate gauge. It can reach up to 180.
    With some exceptions, it's better to keep the gauge high.
    The unit with the highest hate will have a red target (can be more than one).
    When hate is the same, the order will start in front. (Changing the order can help avoid attacks.)
    When the turn is over, hate will decrease by 25%.
    This system makes it easier to keep attention on certain units.
    In cases where you want to link attacks, you may have to forego changing the order.

    Weaknesses, Coordination System, Enemy Appearance
    This is My Chivalric Order of Slaves [AsaChunSoft]
    The right-most weakness is displayed at the start. Weaknesses allow more damage the further left they are.
    (2x, 2.5, 3x, 4x)

    This is My Chivalric Order of Slaves [AsaChunSoft]
    Weaknesses will do more damage than normal when linked, and will be highlighted in red.
    "NOW" will display under the most recently attacked weakness.

    This is My Chivalric Order of Slaves [AsaChunSoft]
    Link weaknesses from the left to do even more damage than from the right!
    Linked weaknesses from the left will be displayed in blue.

    This is My Chivalric Order of Slaves [AsaChunSoft]
    Predict the enemy's actions by watching their appearance! This also shows damage.
    You can see if the enemy is:
    - Going wild
    - Quick
    - Looking at you
    - Deciding where to attack
    - Standing still
    * Even more actions will appear based on the difficulty level
    * Your units move in order (which you can change each turn)

    Dungeons, Positioning, Character Creation, Image Variations
    This is My Chivalric Order of Slaves [AsaChunSoft]
    Advance through dungeons by rolling dice.
    There are treasure chests, ores to mine, quest events, enemies, and bosses.
    You can use the "Return" skill to go back to base at any time.

    This is My Chivalric Order of Slaves [AsaChunSoft]
    From your base, you can do several things.
    - Training
    - Beauty salon
    - HR
    - Investment
    - Gacha
    - Smithing
    - Ranking

    The rankings are displayed each month.
    There are rankings for battle strength, prostitution, and money.

    This is My Chivalric Order of Slaves [AsaChunSoft]
    This is how characters are lined up in the creator. Upload the image with the hashtag #これが私の奴隷騎士団 (#This is My Chivalric Order of Slaves) to show everybody your work!

For reupload/request please post in profile page or my discord channel. I'm not read inbox message.

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