[Album] [140425] 恋剣乙女~再燃 オリジナル・サウンドトラック Koiken Otome Revive OST (132MB) [MP3]


Jan 22, 2013

Title: 恋剣乙女~再燃 オリジナルサウンドトラック
Title: Koiken Otome - Sainen - Original Soundtrack
Title: Koiken Otome - Revive - Original Soundtrack
Catalog Number: EUF-004S1
Release Date: April 25th, 2014 (2014年04月25日)
vgmdb: http://vgmdb.net/album/45002
Classification: Original Soundtrack (Bonus CD to Game soft)
Genre: Game OST, Eroge, Instrument, Song
Published by eufonie
eiphonie page: ht tp://www.eufonie.jp/product/koiken_revive/
Performed by fripSide, MiU, TAM and MALiA
Related Media: PC Windowws: 恋剣乙女~再燃 Koiken Otome - Sainen
Produced by: euphonie

Audio format: MP3
Channels: 2
Compression level: 320 kbps (CBR: Constant Bitrate, maybe)
Originally ripped and converted by "Anonymous" ("unknown")

Folder: Koiken-Otome_Sainen-OST-MP3
Including 16 mp3 files + 1 m3u file + BK (5 images)
File : elm file
File size: RAR 132MB including 5 pc rr

The List of Tracks [Japanese]

01. Blaze of Reunion
02. RememberU
03. アイリス~二人の絆~
04. ひだまりの子猫
05. 大和撫子の恋心
06. 働いたら負け?
07. フルーツパフェな少女
08. ほのぼの日和
09. ココロノナミダ
10. 乙女の色気
11. 新たな力の目覚め
12. 運命の交差
13. 君に会いたくなったら
14. Blaze of Reunion -Instrumental-
15. RememberU -Instrumental-
16. アイリス~二人の絆~ -Instrumental-

The List of Tracks [Romanization by mildis]

01. Blaze of Reunion
02. RememberU
03. Iris ~Futari no Kizuna~
04. Hidamari no Koneko
05. Yamato-nadeshiko no Koi Gokoro
06. Hataraitara Make?
07. Fruits Parfait-na Shoujo
08. Honobono Biyori
09. Kokoro no Namida
10. Otome no Iroke
11. Aratana Chikara no Mezame
12. Unmei no Kousa
13. Kimi ni Aitaku-nattara
14. Blaze of Reunion -Instrumental-
15. RememberU -Instrumental-
16. Iris ~Futari no Kizuna~-Instrumental-

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