[Hentai game] [120525] [ういんどみる] 神がかりクロスハート! 初回限定版 [H-Game] [Install Patch + No DVD Patch]


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Oct 18, 2010

Remember: Keep seeding after the download ^^

baka girlcelly - NemuAndHaruka Happy download ^_^

girlcelly said:

PS 1: Direct Links for this game could be found at here: :)


PS 2: If you have problem about my torrents, make sure to check and read this thread for solutions before asking same questions ! ^^

http://www.anime-sharing.com/forum/torrents-47/[Question & Answer]-24181/

Um...Neko aka Checkmate want to post this game himself but when it is done, he is unable to contact so I will do it instead !

Gomen ne~ *kuku*

I was wasted like 20 minutes to download Soundtrack CD, but speed is very slow, so I choose upload Original Game first ^^

Favourite StarForce we are waiting for has come !

Edit: Finish Seeding ^_^


  • [No DVD Patch] [120525] [ういんどみる] 神がかりクロスハート! 初回限定版.rar
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  • [インストーラ 尻チェック回避 Patch] [120525] 神がかりクロスハート!.rar
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Re: [120525] [ういんどみる] 神がかりクロスハート! 初回限定版 [H-Game]


Kamigakari Cross Heart!

One of two Windmill and Windmill Oasis' 10th anniversary project.
It’s been ten years since Shougo had seen his childhood friend Anzu in the rural town of Amamisaki. Her body has rounded out nicely, with her chest being quite large. But why was she naked in the ofuro with him!? “See, your wish has come true, hasn’t it?” It was a mysterious puppy by her side that said that. The puppy was a divine messenger that can bestow divine power on the someone so that their wish can be fulfilled. Shougo was quite confused, but before he could figure it all out, his classmate Koneko and cousin Hijiri also have their own divine messenger.
Re: [120525] [ういんどみる] 神がかりクロスハート! 初回限定版 [H-Game]

a few mintutes late eh
Re: [120525] [ういんどみる] 神がかりクロスハート! 初回限定版 [H-Game]

need crack
Re: [120525] [ういんどみる] 神がかりクロスハート! 初回限定版 [H-Game]

How to install & run this game?
Re: [120525] [ういんどみる] 神がかりクロスハート! 初回限定版 [H-Game] [No DVD Patch]

Thanks. Working.
Re: [120525] [ういんどみる] 神がかりクロスハート! 初回限定版 [H-Game] [No DVD Patch]

... The save data is already out? WTF LOL.
the nodvd say something about cant find cs2.exe..
even though i place it in same folder with cs2.exe, any idea?

ow, dont mind.. after copying the setup the file still in read-only mode, so i uncheck it and it run :D
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late but it's okay thnx it's was a nice game you have..

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