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Hmm should do something every so often as right hand man~
Reika > Mayu

Keep dancing Zion~

Dance until you no longer breathe and can't tell you're alive or not.

You've been a superb right-hand man.

I hope you'll continue to do so for a long time.
The show focused on Mayu more than Reika, but I can't complain since it was really good.
So true.

It was mostly Mayu, but like you mentioned, it was enjoyable~

How far off would he even go? ;3
Hmm he would last longer if we continually set traps around and healed him as he set them off~
Stuff Zion in a microwave~


Or... your method is fine.
This thread is about the 1000 ways to kill Zion aka [MENTION=28243]egozi44[/MENTION]

Thank you~

Microwave with traps. Sounds good and bad.
That's quite a disgusting sight if it were true about Zion.

Let's still do it anyway.
Hmm so crack or melt or whatever happens... if he doesnt get blown to bits or sliced to ribbons first...
I'm so happy to have known, Zion.

He was such a good slave.

Samkaka - Slave 1
egozi - Slave 2.

It's like Cat in the Hat with Thing 1 and Thing 2.
Haha... I suppose you're right about that, Nero.

Sam has stated many times he's not technically a slave.~
Stupid time zone, why do I always miss the good conversations.

Now Excuse I am I about hunt a Wascally Wabbit I meant whale....

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